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Did John Oliver Offend You?

Did John Oliver offend you?

On “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” he did a piece on Psychics.

This piece hurt the feelings, and broke the spirits of many of my colleagues.

Students, clients, and fellow Sensitives admitted they turned the channel and vowed never to watch John Oliver...

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I'm Freaking Out! How to manage Cell Memory as we get older


Kate Saint Clair


I panicked a lot when I was a child.

After age 4, I worried and was anxious until I learned the truth about how Intuition worked at age 27.

Learning how to label energy and understanding intellectually where and how thoughts and feelings of others...

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5 Ways People Realize They Are Psychic

(& sometimes a Medium too)

by: Kate Saint Clair

Everyone realizes their Intuitive Gifts at some point in life. We just call it different things:

  •  I’m sensitive
  •  God spoke to me
  •  I was lost and I saw my way out
  •  I can read people really well
  •  I had a vision
  • ...
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Beautiful Sensitive

You are beautiful

So damn beautiful. 

I’ve had the privilege of working with other Intuitive’s since 2007. I’ve seen it all. 

I train other Intuitive’s, and know what it’s like to be you. 

We are different. Let’s admit it. Let’s...

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Please, believe me!

"He doesn’t believe in what I do. I don’t think he understands it. I don’t know if this is going to work out,” she said.

Does he need to?
Does his belief make it real?
Can you do what you know how to do even if he never understands?
Do you believe in and understand what he...

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10 Reasons it’s awesome to have a Psychic Child

Do you watch Dead Files on the Travel Channel?

Psychic Medium Amy Allen is incredible on that show - incredible.

I resisted watching it for a long time; mistaken that it focused on dark things.

Amy’s ability to explain the energy, often in dark places, brings clarity, and clarity is...

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, who reflects you most of all - Psychic’s

I’m annoying.

I fully accept it.

It’s my super power.

I, like you, am Psychic.

Nothing in the world is more annoying then being in the presence of a Psychic if you’re not prepared for it.

We’re afraid of each other. We’re afraid of being “found out.”

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Did You Sit on a Ghost

I arrived at Starbucks for a meeting with a team member.

I ordered my coffee and wanted to sit at the big table in the corner.

(I say ‘wanted’ because my Guides were telling me not to, but I wanted to, so I did.)

Within seconds my body felt anger, rage, irritation. I erupted into...

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