I'll teach you how to
understand and access
your intuition right
here, right now.

You'll become your best advisor when
making decisions for your own life.


 How can I help you?


 Psychic Coaching

Are you Psychic? Do you wonder if you’re Psychic? Do you pick-up things and have no idea how you do that? Are you a professional and want to get better, let’s chat!


BE Guided and be great® Intuitive Living Membership

Imagine sitting with tea in hand, an hour each week, with an international Psychic Medium, answering all of your questions about how Intuition works in your life ~ now you can!

This is a conversation you don’t want to miss!


 Medium Readings

You’re dying to get a message, receive validation & evidence that your loved one who has passed away is around you still. In this 1-hr session, I’ll do just that.


My Motto Is...

Help Me Understand Myself

Which is exactly what I do here at Kate Saint Clair.

I was born Psychic Medium, but I had no idea how it worked or why it was happening to me.

After almost 30 years of searching and trying to understand Human Intuition, I found the formula and have devoted the rest of my life to helping other sensitives understand how it works in them.

Welcome to Kate Saint Clair

Where Being Intuitive is understood, and Being Sensitive is a good thing!

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