The Be Guided and Be Great Podcast

With Kate Saint Clair

Episode 072

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In this episode, of the Be Guided and Be Great podcast, let's talk about how to connect with the Angelic Beings that are around you, and how to notice when they are. 

I do a deep dive into:

* Why we don't notice when Angels are around us

* The patterns and...

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Episode 071

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In this episode of the Be Guided and Be Great podcast, I'll teach you how to go from being a Sensitive who receives psychic information at night while you're trying to sleep, to a Sensitive who receives psychic information during the day. 

Are you a night psychic? 

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Episode 070

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In this episode of the Be Guided and Be Great podcast, I channeled a meditation for you. 

It's a meditation that's in alignment with the vibration of pure love. 

Whether it's Valentine's Day or just another Tuesday, download and listen to this gift anytime you're in...

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Episode 069

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In this episode of the Be Guided and Be Great podcast, I give you 4-Steps to begin creating your own Roadmap of Intuitive Evidence

I know how hard it is to pinpoint our own Intuition. 


Because you've been doing it since you were born. 

If I...

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Episode 068

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In this episode of the Be Guided and Be Great podcast, I introduce you to artist, writer, Intuitive and Shaman, Chris Gray. 

Chris shares the story of:

* Growing up in New York City, then moving to Colorado to raise her children.

* Learning Reiki in the name of helping...

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Episode 066

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I'm gonna tell you a secret - 

There is an X-factor to having trustworthy Intuition.

If you look-up the definition of x-factor, the second definition reads: 

a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome.


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Episode 065

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In this episode, I reflect on my healing journey and offer you a few guideposts to encourage your own journey of healing. Not because you've had a terrible life, but because all growth takes healing and releasing to let go of the old and embrace the new or the now. 


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Episode 064

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Here's the scene:

We're in session and my student is practicing talking to her Guide. 

She asks her Guide, "What does the image of the red car mean?"

I can see that her energy is still outward, pushing against the Guide, desperate for an explanation. 

I say, "...

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Episode 063

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Have you ever considered that the law is an act of love? 

In today's episode, Lisa and I uncover the 3-Legal Documents you need if you're a working Sensitive. Whether you're a Psychic, Healer, Medium or anything in-between, these documents are an energetic container for...

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Episode 061

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Does this ever happen to you?

You feel like yourself, driving, singing but when you sit down at the table with your girl friends for coffee, there's a new person there. 

You introduce yourself and what comes out of your mouth is a very different voice than your normal...

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Episode 060

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Do you ever feel like no-one understands you? 

It's a common theme in my work with fellow Sensitives. It's a theme I know all too well myself, until the skin cancer scare, in 2010, forced me to confront myself.

"You don't know who you are," the Guides repeated.

"How the...

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There's No Ick In Psychic - How this phrase hurts Psychic Kids +3 reminders episode 057

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We can't escape it. The word Psychic is both loved and hated. It's understood and misunderstood by everyone including those of us who are born this way. 

It took me getting skin cancer to finally embrace that word, Psychic...

Until then, I hated it. I ran from the word...

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