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Every person has Intuition, but you must invest time and practice to develop the skill to use it.

In Be Guided and Be Great, Kate Saint Clair reveals the secret for specific, evidential and practical Intuition that you can depend on in real time. Be Guided and Be Great cuts through the nonsense and noise that makes Intuition harder than it needs to be. It’s a natural, orderly system ready to Guide and support your everyday life.

When Intuition is understood, then integrated, your life begins to flow in a direction unique to you. You know who you are and who you can trust. You no longer ask everyone else what you should do. You are Guided, supported and connected to a spiritual system: your Intuition. 

All humans are born with the ability to stay connected to loved ones who pass away. Modern culture refers to this ability as being a Medium. With Be Guided and Be GreatKate will help you connect with the Medium part of your Soul that is always and constantly connected to Heaven. 

In Be Guided and Be Great, you will learn:

  • Exactly how your Intuition works
  • The Clairs that make up your Intuition
  • What it means to be a Medium and how it affects your life
  • To recognize the Intuitive landscape 
  • About energetic boundaries and how to establish them
  • Who your Spirit Guides are and how they work with you
  • How Angels interact with your Intuition
  • A practical method to put it all together for an Intuition you can use, control and trust
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