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I’ve been called the Psychic to Psychics, the Medium to Mediums, the Teacher to Teachers.

My clients and students are people born to be out in the world as Psychics, Sensitives, Teachers, and Leaders...

Since 2007 my work has helped People that:

Don’t understand who they are or why they see and feel what they do

Have many different gifts in the Psychic field & have no idea how to offer it to the world

See and feel things from other people & have no idea where their energy ends & another persons begins

Feel trapped and isolated so they won’t pick up other people’s energy

See and feel things they can’t explain & have no one to talk to about it

Feel weird and alone & no-one understands them

Feel crushed by the weight of knowing too much about people

Have been told you’re ‘judgmental’ or accused of having a ‘chip on your shoulder’ from people that just don’t get it

See and hear, or sense the dead & have no idea how they are doing it, or why it’s happening to them

And so much more...






My Motto is...

Help Me Understand Myself

Which is exactly what I do here at Kate Saint Clair.

I was born Psychic Medium, but I had no idea how it worked or why it was happening to me.

After almost 30 years of searching and trying to understand Human Intuition,

I found the formula and have devoted the rest of my life

to helping other sensitives understand how it works in them.


For over a decade, I have done this through my:

Be Guided and Be Great® podcast

On-line coaching calls

Psychic Medium mentorship training

“Ask a Medium” live events

Theater shows and events

One to one private readings

Large group sessions

Charity events

and through my Be Guided and Be Great® book

Here at Kate Saint Clair, we know it’s your birth right not only to receive clear guidance for your life’s purpose, but to access it in real time.

Who has time for weird rituals and Sage, or to pull a card when you’re:

Driving and need to know where to turn

Walking down the street and a stranger comes near you &

you need to know if they are safe, or if you need to run - now!

Going to make that nagging call now, or wait till later

I Don’t




It’s my mission to teach you how to

Understand and access your intuition

right here, right now.

You’ll become your best advisor when making decisions for your own life.




asking everyone under the sun

crippling self-doubt

feeling paralyzed at what you need to do in life

or not knowing the difference between a ghost and an angel 

(if you’re seeing or sensing them - you need to know)

When someone asks you,
“Who do you think you are?”

You’ll be able to tell them:

A vibrant Leader, Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Writer, Mother, Speaker, Wife and Lover of all things True. ~ Thanks for asking.

Together, we’ll get your Intuition up and running & your confidence fired up like never before.

You’ll go from hiding in the corner blushing to standing with your head held high ~ knowing who you are in this world.

You’re not alone.

Be Guided and Be Great ®

My 10-Week Mentorship Program

Join my 10-week Intensive and experience your personal Intuitive System, learn my signature Dowsing formula, develop a relationship with your Birth-Guide, learn my 3-part Intuitive sweep, use and trust your Intuition and Integrate it into your daily life.


Medium Readings

You’re dying to get a message, receive validation & evidence that your loved one who has passed away is around you still. In this 1-hr session, I’ll do just that.


Learn to use, control and trust your Intuition today.

Grab your free chapter of Be Guided and Be Great now