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I’m opening my signature Mentorship Program to new students now.

Join my 10-week Intensive and experience your personal Intuitive System, learn my signature Dowsing formula, develop a relationship with your Birth-Guide, learn my 3-part Intuitive sweep, use and trust your Intuition and Integrate it into your daily life.

 Since 2010, I have trained other Sensitives to:


Understand their personal Intuition


Know the difference between their Clairs


Be able to control the information they get


Ask questions in real time to be Guided in the moment


Use all of their Clairs to fill out the bigger Psychic picture


Find and use their authentic voice


Be confident in their life’s purpose


Connect with Spirit guides


See Angels and know how to work with them


Work with the trauma that blocks their Intuition


Overcome negative patterns


Understand themselves


Have more understanding of their family


Explain the unexplainable if necessary



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This 1-to-1 coaching with me includes:

Week 1 - Intake:

In this first session, I'll teach you my signature formula to receive guidance daily. And, we'll do an overview of how you have experienced your Intuition so far; what your family history, beliefs, and patterns are with Intuition; and what your strongest Clair is.

Week 2 - Dowsing:

In this session, I teach you my signature Dowsing Program. This is a guaranteed way to remove all harmful entities and energies that adversely affect our lives.

Week 3 - The Clairs:

In this session, you will learn my signature formula to know which Clair you use and how to use other Clair’s to deepen the intuitive Guidance you receive.

Week 4 - Birth Guide:

In this session, I will teach you my signature formula for developing a relationship with your Birth-Guide. This relationship will not only refine your Intuition but is the ‘go-to’ place to confirm and validate all of the intuitive impressions you receive throughout the day. It will change your life.

Week 5 - My 3-Part Intuitive Sweep:

In this session, I teach you my signature formula for organizing your Intuitive Landscape. This includes the dead (if you’re a Medium), Spirit Guides, and the subject whether the subject is you, your child, your boss, or your sister; you will learn how to organize them so you feel in control of the energy. 

Week 6 - Signature Reading:

With my assistance you will do your first reading on me. This is where miracles happen. When you learn to ‘read’ me, you learn to read yourself. If you can see my birth-guide, it’s easier to see your own. If you get evidential information about me, you will trust the evidential guidance you receive for yourself. It’s amazing.

Week 7 - Remote Viewing:

We’ll begin with a check-in and a reading. During this session, I will teach you my signature formula to ‘remote view’ the past, present, and future. We ‘remote view’ in our daily lives when we ‘think about, or check-in with our children at school or wonder if the job is right for us or imagine how our grandparents lived when they were young.’ We can access evidential information in real-time by ‘remote viewing’ it.

Week 8 - Life Chart and Exit Points:

In this session, we will talk in-depth about what a Life-Chart is and how it guides us through the life we are meant to have. We will also talk in depth about exit-points and how to navigate them if you’re in one or if someone you love is in one. If you’re a Medium, this will change your life.

Week 9 - Integrate Intuition:

We will begin with a check-in, a quick reading, then I’ll teach you my signature formula for Integrating Intuition into your daily life. I will teach you how to use, control, and trust your Intuition in real-time.

Week 10 - Coming out of the Psychic Closet:

In our final session, I will teach you my signature formula for coming out of the psychic closet. I’ll provide you with the tools to do just that. I have seen this step allow entire families to use and trust their intuition.

In this program you will receive Eight of my signature formulas to make the thought of Intuition become a reality.

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If you’re ready to understand yourself and your Intuition, I want to work with you.

I don’t want you to spend another minute trying to figure this out by yourself.



This program is not for:

Someone who doesn’t believe in Intuition

Someone who likes drama

Someone who doesn’t like to be Guided

Someone who needs to see everything literally

Someone who isn’t fully ready to understand this gift


Interview with 10-Week ‘Be Guided and Be Great’ mentorship student, April Moore

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Mentorship Program


What's Included:

  • weekly coaching calls
  • 10-week program

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What's Included:

  • weekly coaching calls
  • 10-week program
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Book your free 30-minute session to discover if mentorship is right for you.