Connections to the Other-Side

40 MINUTES, $1,000

I am an Evidential Medium ~ Meaning I can Bring in Evidence of How Your Loved One:

Looked: Black, blond, brown or green hair anyone?

Spoke: Were they cheeky or silly, sarcastic or lied?

Had personality: Center of attention, quiet but loved a lot?

Used their mannerisms: Did they run funny? Did they knit or sew? Were they controlling? Or did they stare through your Soul?

Examples from Previous Sessions

In Our Session I Will:

Get you the evidence you need to insure we are talking to your loved one through my ability to see them

Offer messages of the past, present and future from their perspective through my ability to hear them

Tell you where they are around you through my ability to sense them

Connect to your birth Guide to acknowledge if what they’re saying is true for you

Answer questions you have about your past, present and future

Validate experience you shared together so you have no doubt they are watching over you

If you’ve been wondering and wanting to know if your Loved One is watching over you or has a message for you, book a session with me and I’ll do what I was born to do;


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After You’ve Booked a Session with Me: