Episode 061

Nov 03, 2022

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Does this ever happen to you?

You feel like yourself, driving, singing but when you sit down at the table with your girl friends for coffee, there's a new person there. 

You introduce yourself and what comes out of your mouth is a very different voice than your normal speaking voice. You act different. Your mannerisms are different. What is going on, you think to yourself? 


Yep, the Shapeshifting Archetype is alive and well and animating through your voice and body. 


Because the Shapeshifter is a mirroring energy, it's an accommodating energy. Its entire point is to help you match the vibration of the other, of another. 

Isn't that amazing! 

Not everyone has the Shapeshifter and for those of us who do, we may wonder why others don't accommodate our energy the way we do with everyone else. 

It's often an Old Soul who does this or someone who experienced trauma while growing up as a way to protect themselves and to be able to read what is expected of them to survive. 

In a balanced way the Shapeshifter can put others at ease because your energy softens, when need be and quickens when the moment calls for it. 

The problem is when we shift so much that we lose ourselves or we can't maintain ourselves in the presence of others. 

In episode 061, you'll discover the 3-steps to refine the Shapeshifter Archetype within you and perhaps for the first time, be able to express yourself the way you want to in each moment of your life. 

If you want to dive deeper into the world of Archetypes, I'd guide you to Carolyn Myss. Her book, Sacred Contracts is a thorough study in what Archetypes are and how they help us animate the life we've come to live. 

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