Episode 060

Oct 27, 2022

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Do you ever feel like no-one understands you? 

It's a common theme in my work with fellow Sensitives. It's a theme I know all too well myself, until the skin cancer scare, in 2010, forced me to confront myself.

"You don't know who you are," the Guides repeated.

"How the hell am I supposed to understand, unless you tell me," I cried in frustration.  

They were trying, through my Intuition. Though I had not comprehended what was happening until then. 

The skin cancer awakening taught me that no-one really did understand me, but the Guides did. 

No-one was supposed to understand me because it was my job to understand myself. Only from that point can we not only know ourselves, but only when we truly understand ourselves, can we fully understand others. 

As with any important relationship, you must put in energy, time, respect, and attention for it to be there for you when you need it. 

But unlike human relationships, this connection is not conditional. 

It is there no matter what. It is there to support you specifically. The guidance and support that comes from it is guiding you to be who you are supposed to be in this lifetime. Its intention is to fulfill your needs as a Soul having a human experience. 

Often the more Guided your life needs to be, the less people you have in it. It's a phenomena I see all the time in my private work. 

"Why am I so alone," my client asks?

"Because you look outside of yourself for validation, guidance, acceptance, sustenance. Until you turn inward, to your Soul, heaven will keep everyone at bae. When you know who and what you are from within, only then will you be out in the world with others - and truly love it because then, no-one will be in control of your ship but you, your Spirit," I channel. 

"Oh, I had a feeling that had something to do with it. I take everyones advise of what I should do, who I should be. Then they leave me, and I'm left still wondering who the hell I am. I'm bitter, angry, and alone," she confesses. 


Younger Souls tend to have lots of people around. They can do anything and go anywhere because they don't listen to anyone - so there's a freedom within them. They're just here, oblivious it seems. 

As an Old Soul, we can be envious of their fun and carefree nature. 

But ultimately the day comes when they have a lesson that will change everything for them. A lesson you learned lifetimes ago. And in the presence of their lesson, you say a quiet prayer, "Thank you, that I don't have to go through that. If quietude and peace are my life, I'll take it."

Here are the 5-Steps to deepen your relationship with your Intuition: 

1. Time - we must put in the time to connect with it, listen to it, respect the information and guidance that comes from it, and use it when it feels right. 

2. Honesty - your Intuition will not b.s. you. It's honest, direct and specific. Welcome the honesty it brings even if you don't like the sound of it. Often our greatest lessons and joys comes through Guidance that we didn't want to hear. 

3. Vulnerable - like honesty, we must be willing to be vulnerable enough for our Intuition to tell us the truth. We may be childlike in an area of Guidance, and that's okay. We don't know everything no matter how old of a Soul we are. You're here to learn, grow, explore and be - so be vulnerable enough to allow yourself to experience all that you are here to experience.

4. Ask, reach out - ask questions to your Intuition. Demand it communicate with you. Ask it to be louder, say it again, or slow it down; whatever it takes for you to hear it. 

5. Receive, accept - one of the hardest steps is to receive the gift of Intuition. Our strong will and lack of trust can block all guidance and intuitive experiences. We must trust and receive. Open our hearts and our minds to what it's trying to give us. You can handle it. You deserve it and if it's tough guidance, it's taking you straight towards your joy - and you deserve joy even if it means treading water for a little bit. 

If you're still having a hard time understanding how your Intuition works, click here to buy my book, Be Guided and Be Great. I wrote it exactly for this purpose. So you have an Intuition you can use, control and trust. 

The most beautiful and trustworthy relationship you'll ever have, your Intuition. 

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