The Be Guided and Be Great Podcast

With Kate Saint Clair

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who reflects you most of all - Psychic’s

I’m annoying.

I fully accept it.

It’s my super power.

I, like you, am Psychic.

Nothing in the world is more annoying then being in the presence of a Psychic if you’re not prepared for it.

We’re afraid of each other. We’re afraid of being “found out.”

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Did You Sit on a Ghost

I arrived at Starbucks for a meeting with a team member.

I ordered my coffee and wanted to sit at the big table in the corner.

(I say ‘wanted’ because my Guides were telling me not to, but I wanted to, so I did.)

Within seconds my body felt anger, rage, irritation. I erupted into...

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Which Clair Are You?

Find out which Clair you use the most to access your personal Intuition.