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Feb 01, 2022

I’m annoying.

I fully accept it.

It’s my super power.

I, like you, am Psychic.

Nothing in the world is more annoying then being in the presence of a Psychic if you’re not prepared for it.

We’re afraid of each other. We’re afraid of being “found out.”

We’re afraid of the reactions we get from people that don’t like to be in our presence.

We’re afraid of:

  • rejection
  • saying something dumb
  • someone finding out what fraud’s we are
  • offending someone
  • not knowing everything

The reason;

We reflect what is true in people.

It’s that simple.

In our fully formed self, we reflect back to people their most authentic selves.

You can’t bullshit us.

During the intense years of trying to understand myself and fully grasp my Intuition, the people I was most afraid to be around were other Psychic’s.

During one unbearable year of awakening, I was at dinner with a colleague. I told her about the dog my husband was going to buy. She knew the struggles I had with my husband bringing Doberman’s into our home leaving me to take care of them and our babies while carrying a career.

It was a whole thing.

As I told her the story she just sat and looked at me. Her eyes, her Psychic eyes! I couldn’t bare looking at her. At one point I put the white napkin up to my face to hide from the truth she reflected back to me.

We laughed as I threw the napkin on the floor to hide under the table to get away from her truthful glare.

“I know, I know,” I said as I received her telepathic message.

On the drive home, I was in awe at how uncomfortable it was being in the truth of that moment. I needed to set boundaries with my husband. It was a lesson for my soul. It came without words because in the presence of another Psychic the truth was crystal clear.

My heart was open. I was trying to find the truth and learn boundaries in my life - so while in her presence and this issue came up - I welcomed the truth.

Imagine if I was suffering. Still in denial. Still ready to be victimized, not in control of my life and my home and I was telling her that story.

I tell her about the dog. She looks at me. I feel defensive and spend the rest of our dinner convincing her why SHE was wrong.

This happens all the time

Our reflection is welcome only when we’re ready for the truth of the moment.

My boss really had it in for me,” my client said.

That’s because he was insecure and you reflected his insecurities back to him, - I said.

I never thought of it that way. That makes sense now.” - client

The best mirrors are the Psychic’s that are clear within themselves.

I was broken and voiceless from my childhood. My Intuition was a burden and a curse. I was afraid of everyone and everything.

It took me 30 years and a health crisis to get me to fight to know who I really was.

After the brutal journey of awakening, I could finally reflect back people’s authentic selves. With no offense, defense or judgment.

At my “Ask a Medium” events I could zero into the other Psychics in the crowd. They had that same fear in their eyes. Fear of me. Fear of themselves. Fear that I would think they were bad and wrong.

They came to check me out. I knew it.

Instead of being defensive, I welcomed their reflective eye. I LOVED having them with me. I knew they would, in fact, see my truth, and I in return could offer them a truthful reflection back.

Inevitably they approached me after the event eager for me to validate their Psychic gifts. Tears flowing as I told them I understand them.

I’ve lived for 65 years and have never felt as though anyone understands me the way you do.” - a student of mine 2015

After my Spiritual crisis and awakening, I accepted this part of myself.

I will always see deeply. I can’t not

Therefore in all of my relationships, including the relationship with myself, I am honest. I find the bottom line. The truth.

I accept my limitations while in casual conversations. I accept my unstoppable ability to channel when family and friends come to me.

It serves me as a mother

I channel solutions for my children when something isn’t right. I chose to keep my mouth shut when they come to me with things I know they need to get answers to on their own.

I thought the burden of reflecting would end my marriage; instead, it’s made us stronger. He has trust and respect for me that he didn’t have before I accepted the reflective part of myself.

I know I’m a lot to handle. Constant truth. It must be exhausting,” me.

No, it makes me a better person. I know you would be telling me this unless it was important,” hubby.

Don’t be afraid of who you are

You were born this way.

True reflection is a gift, not a curse.

I know most sensitives have enormous hearts so the reflection doesn’t come from the ego or from jealousy, it comes from the light within you.

Sure there are ego-maniacs and fake Psychic’s out there that give us all a bad name; that happens in every profession. But the world and the profession needs beautiful sensitives like you doing the work and reflecting the truth in all of us…

4-Steps To Embrace This Part of Yourself:

  1. Accept it: This is just as real as being a 6-foot tall woman. If you are, you are. It's not debatable, it's not an option - it's what you are. You are a reflection to/for other people.
  2. Integrate it: You now accept that you reflect back to people who they really are. You integrate it by embracing it. When someone gets into your energy they will be charged. Instead of feeling defensive, embrace what you're feeling and what they're feeling, so you can all have a great conversation about the truth.
  3. Stop apologizing: Reflecting the truth is a good thing! The truth helps everyone know where they are, so they can get where they're going with more clarity. If they project their anger on you, be clear about it. You being clear is the most important thing.
  4. Prepare yourself to be in the presence of other sensitives: Admit what you're feeling in each moment. Don't try to hide or project onto other sensitives, they can feel it. Put your cards on the table. Insist that they do the same in your presence. And, everyone will be able to hold the space for whatever the truth is in the moment.

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