Did You Sit on a Ghost

Feb 01, 2022

I arrived at Starbucks for a meeting with a team member.

I ordered my coffee and wanted to sit at the big table in the corner.

(I say ‘wanted’ because my Guides were telling me not to, but I wanted to, so I did.)

Within seconds my body felt anger, rage, irritation. I erupted into hot flashes and trembled.

What the hell is wrong, I thought to myself.

Then I realized I was sitting on a Ghost

Yea, had I ‘tuned in’ I would have seen him there before I sat on him, but God, a lady needs to do what she needs to do. I don’t have time (or the sanity) to read every person in the room, then scan for all the Ghosts and Spirits thus not offending anyone.

I wasn’t in the mood to move. I wanted to sit at that table, so I told him to leave.

He yelled and screamed and tried not to go; but eventually, he left. Good riddance.

My team member arrived. We sipped our coffee. I explained why I was hot in the face. And we got down to business.

The End

Ten years ago I would have:

  1. Not sat at that table. Though I would have wanted to, I wouldn’t have understood why I couldn’t. So I’d give up and go sit somewhere else.
  2. Sat at the table, because I have a strong Will, but felt I was in a panic. I wouldn’t have understood why I was angry, hot, shaky and in a rage.

I would have personalized all of it and beat myself up for feeling out of control.

This is the miracle of understanding our Intuition.

With practice and skill I was able to:

  1. Know I wanted to sit at that specific table
  2. Be aware that I was feeling things I wasn’t feeling 2 seconds ago
  3. Realize I was sitting on a Ghost that wasn’t pleased I had done so
  4. Told him to get lost rather than moving to accommodate him

Why the 4th one is so profound;

I spent the first 30 years of my life moving around for everyone and everything. I didn’t know who I was and what I wanted because I was sensitive to everyone else’s needs and desires including the dead.

“Excuse me & I’m sorry,” were my daily mantra’s.

Understanding my Intuition gave me the confidence to know what I want and need. 

Intuition is connected to our authentic voice. It’s Intuition that gives you the confidence to speak up and ask for what you want & need.

So ~ as I sat on a Ghost it was my Clair-sentience (feeling) working that made me feel his anger and rage which my physical body responded to with heat and panic.

Here are 4 simple questions to ask yourself the next time you feel panicky:
  • Is this me or the environment
  • Are these my feelings or someone else’s
  • Am I safe here or do I need to leave/move
  • Do I need to change my behavior or is what I’m doing working

Everyone is susceptible to energy, but the beautiful Sensitives are the ones who suffer energy overload and are manipulated by everyone else’s needs.

We need to take a few extra steps to protect our boundaries and make sure we’re doing what is right for us while out in the world.

With the above questions, you’ll be able to sit at what ever table you want to and drink your coffee in peace.

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