There's No Ick In Psychic - How this phrase hurts Psychic Kids +3 reminders episode 057

Oct 10, 2022

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We can't escape it. The word Psychic is both loved and hated. It's understood and misunderstood by everyone including those of us who are born this way. 

It took me getting skin cancer to finally embrace that word, Psychic...

Until then, I hated it. I ran from the word and everything it meant. I hated being so Sensitive. I hated knowing things I shouldn't know. I hated talking to the dead when I never officially asked to be able to. I just wanted to be normal. 

"That Psychic puts the Ick in Psychic," the comedian proclaimed to a roar of laughter. 

Yea, it's all a big joke, isn't it? 

I tried to hide who I was through being a Realtor when I was eighteen years of age. At twenty, I moved to New York City and did hair removal at the famous Advanced Electrology in Great Neck, New York. At twenty-two, I left the glamorous world of electrology for Seattle where I completely lost myself two years later. 

Then, in what I thought was defeat, I came back home to Montana. 

Lost, broken, alone, I began building my life from scratch with the quiet prayer upon my lips, "Help me know who I am." 

I soon met a boy from Kansas. No-one I ever dreamed of, but then, I'd never honestly dreamed up to that point. I dreamt of superficial expectations: he must be 6'4, rich, tall, dark and handsome. This boy was a few of those things but packaged in the same humble life that I was raised on. 

Then came the children. And in the silence of raising babies, I could hear that quiet but powerful voice within me. The reading I did was to finally figure it out. I went from Spiritual texts to Intuitive ones. Trying to figure out what the hell was happening to me. 

What grew in those quiet years was an understanding of who and what I was. I was a mother, a wife, and a Psychic Medium. Though I began working with the public as a Psychic Medium, I resisted the word. Clients could feel it. 

After the cancerous cells were removed from the skin above my heart in 2010, I finally stopped running and surrendered to what our culture calls what I do. 

I am a Psychic Medium.

Definition: adjective - relating to the soul or mind. Noun - a person considered or claiming to have psychic powers; a medium

I'd define Psychic as: a multi-sensory being who uses one's Clairs to communicate and connect with our Spiritual realities. 

And all humans have a Soul, therefore all humans are Psychic. 

When the comedian cracks an easy joke at something so profound, even terrifying to those of us that had to deal with this reality as children, they're under the illusion that they too do not possess this ability. 

The only way to truly understand this part of being Human is to learn how it genuinely works. And what the little ones are experiencing with their ability to see, hear, feel and just know the dead are among us. 

Maybe then it won't be so funny, but profound, amazing and life affirming in no other way being a Human can be. 

3 - Reminders about being Psychic

1. The kids are listening. If they relate to being a Psychic in anyway - they hear how you talk about it and that decides how they manage it. 

2. This is the word our cultures calls what we do. Trying to call ourselves something else is futile. Accepting the word and educating people on the truth of what it means to be a Psychic is the solution. 

3. Some of us didn't chose to see the dead, read minds and predict the future. It was how we were born. It's not coming from our ego but through the realities of being a Soul having a human experience. And when the time is right, you will experience it too. 

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