Episode 064

Dec 13, 2022

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Here's the scene:

We're in session and my student is practicing talking to her Guide. 

She asks her Guide, "What does the image of the red car mean?"

I can see that her energy is still outward, pushing against the Guide, desperate for an explanation. 

I say, "Relax; pretend you're an elegant European woman. You have a cigarette in on hand and a drink in the other. You don't really care what the answer is, you just know you'll get it."

She relaxes, even pretends to have a cigarette between her fingers. We laugh and exaggerate the movement. 

The Guidance comes. 

She hears (clairaudiently), "The red car is her grandfathers, 1977." 

"Am I talking with Kates grandpa," she asks?

"Yes," she hears clairaudiently. 

We scream with excitement. Not only could I have validated that for her, but her Guide did it for me. 

Since that session I encourage all of my students to use that image, and it works every time. 


Because Intuition is like driving a stick shift. You need to know when to shift gears to get where you want to go. 

Asking is a forward moment. Your energy is outward - expecting an answer but you're almost pushing the energy away. 

We must learn to ask, then shift gears into listening. We pull our energy inward, ready to receive the answer. 

The image of the European woman, smoking a cigarette, is so fun because it's to the point. 

I've asked you a question and I expect an answer. 

Not because:

* I've worked my ass off for it. 

* I've sacrificed to deserve it.


* Golly-gee, may I please and thank you. 

In episode 064, let's talk about the 3-steps to take when you get in the way of your own Guidance. Listen here

With these 3-steps, you'll know exactly what gear you're in, and what gear you need to shift in to - to receive that precious guidance.  

And I included a few additional trouble-shooting topics for when we still find ourselves fussing too much.

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