Episode 065

Dec 13, 2022

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In this episode, I reflect on my healing journey and offer you a few guideposts to encourage your own journey of healing. Not because you've had a terrible life, but because all growth takes healing and releasing to let go of the old and embrace the new or the now. 

It is scary. It is uncomfortable.

But every second of the growth is worth it because everything you are and were born to be, is on the other side of it.

Your Guides are with you every step along the way - guiding you to the right:

* Human Guide

* Book, meditation, journal

* Event that will change your life

* Coffee with a friend who says the exact thing you needed to hear

* Conversation that sends you inward so you can catch then longing or the pain of the subject that is waiting to be healed and released 

I know it can feel constant, unrelenting - depending on the depths of healing you are being called towards. But it's worth it, you're worth it. 

And you aren't doing it alone, Heaven is with you every step of the way. 

And, let's be honest, you have an important calling.

You are called to be a light among the darkness in this world and you can't shine your light if you have any instinct, any belief system that you aren't bright enough to shine your light. 

You are, and you do. I assure you. 

As we make our way through this dark, cozy, season of inward self-reflection and transformation, remember to reach towards the Earthly Guides. They're here, we're here, to help each other.

We came into life at just the right moment to give a helping hand in just the right area that you need a little help with right now. 

The internal journey is what we must do on our own, but the life we live on the outside can be filled with help from others who will look us in the eyes, give us the map and get us on the other side of it. 

Grab a journal, light a candle and take stock of how far you have come. 

Write down where you'd like to be and who can help you get there. 

And above all, know that your Guides are with you with every step along the way. 

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