Is There an Angel in Your Family?

Feb 01, 2022

“Is There An Angel In Your Family?”

Kate Saint Clair


I didn’t believe them.

The first time I heard my daughter was an Angel I rolled my eyes.

Nah, that’s not a real thing, I thought.

The second time; a Psychic told me at a Psychic Fair a friend dragged me to for fun.

“You know your daughter’s an Angel don’t you?” the reader asked.

My mind filled with doubt.

I’ve read and believed that people cannot become Angels. It doesn’t work that way, I thought again.

The third time it happened months later.

I was in my monthly mentorship.

My mentor said, “You know she’s an Angel don’t you?”

It took my breath away.

Clearly, something was trying to get my attention.

What the hell does it mean to have an Angel as a child?

What am I supposed to do with that? 

I knew my daughter’s Spirit had been around me for years. But, I didn’t believe or consider she was anything other than my little baby.

She was now 2 years old. Extremely independent. Extremely telepathic, always. 

My mentor said, “Does she talk?”

Sometimes; and she does sign language,” I replied.

You’re psychic and she’s telepathic. You better start making her use words because she expects everyone to be able to read her mind just like you do,” she said.

I gathered my things; went to the truck, stunned at what I needed to confront.

My daughter is an Angel.

Images and understanding began to download in my mind.

She never needed to ask me for anything. I just knew when she was hungry, when she was tired, what she wanted, what she needed.

She didn’t need to tell me things. She never had to fuss or cry. She was an amazing baby and was now a fiercely independent and strong willed toddler.

I remember watching her simply move away from bad people. At two years old, she was teaching me what boundaries looked like.

She couldn’t force herself to be nice, or look at people she knew were phony, bad, cruel - even evil (looking at it with the lens of today).

I was in awe of her clarity, her space, her ability to never compromise herself.

That was back in 2007.

Twelve years later, I know a ton more about what it means and what it looks like to have an Angel in a family.

Not only is she an Angel, but my husband is too.

They are everywhere; in every family. 

I’ve studied them, mentored them, read for them, and live with them.

The truth is that it’s not as glamorous or easy as Hollywood would have us believe.

They do things differently than the rest of us, and if we don’t understand them, it’s a hard life for them.


10 Tips to Know if Your Loved One is an Angel:

  1.  They don’t like to look you in the eyes:

Angels are the most sensitive beings on the planet.

They are extremely Clair-Cognizant (meaning clear knowing) which means they just know information as fast as it happens.

It doesn’t hit the other Clair’s such as Clair-Audient or Clair-Voyance.

They just know both feelings and thoughts of others because they are telepathic just like an Angel in the Spirit World.

It’s common for me to be driving the car and have my daughter, from the back seat, ask me a question which has to do with what I was just thinking about.


2.   They don’t talk a lot:

It’s annoying; they do most of their talking in our minds so they don’t talk with their mouth very often.

This used to annoy me to my core because I’m chatty. I need to connect to people through language. People being in my space and not talking to me seemed cruel.

But, once I understood what they were doing, I had to accept that this is the way they naturally communicate.

I’ll still tell them, “Use your words. I’m too exhausted to ‘read’ you.”


Like the character Rose in the movie, The Mirror has Two Faces, says to Gregory, “Talk to me.”

3. They are Pack-Rats:

Angels are natural hoarders. They keep everything.

What they’re actually doing is setting up protection to keep the massive energy waves coming at them at bay.

The show Hoarders is a show about Angels.

4. Their tone of voice can be harsh when they communicate:

Angels are black and white. They lack the ability to use fluffy language when speaking to you.

They can do it, but they don’t like to.

They like to be direct, and specific, and even aggressive if they are afraid of something you are talking about.

Angels repeat themselves. It’s a way for them to make their thoughts and feelings more real.

5. They need/crave sugar like there’s no tomorrow:

The way they cope with the incredible amount of energy they have to deal with is through food and drink.

Sugar is a favorite go-to.

It does wonders for the dopamine in the human brain, and they need it after managing energy all day.

They must learn how to deal with energy instead of resorting to food or alcohol to cope with how intense everything is for them.

6. They believe thinking and doing are the same thing:

Angels spin out in their minds. They are good thinkers, but it’s hard to translate thinking into action.

My daughter will stand, doing the dishes in her mind.

I’ll say, “Okay, let’s pick up a dish now.”

“No kidding mom!”

Or I’ll ask my husband if he has taken any action on the project he’s been thinking about for the last year. Nope.

7. They can be obsessive: 

They tune-into things at such an intimate and grand way it’s hard for them to separate their energy from what they’re thinking about.

For example:

I like to go skiing.

I can think of it enough to plan the trip, the lunch, and what we’ll wear.

My husband will think about skiing (snowboarding) non-stop to the point of obsession:

Look at it on his phone; watch videos; shop for clothes; get to know who the best skiers are; learn about the equipment; know what all the gadgets and trinkets do; find where the best places to go are; and do it to the point of exhaustion.

It’s hard for them to pull away from the energy and do something different.

8. They appear to lack empathy for silly things in life:

Angels can listen to you bitch and moan, cry, get mad, and show zero emotionality about it.

It’s not their problem.

They don’t want or need to fix you.

Imagine the boredom of being an Angel in the Spirit realm.

People are crying, feeling sorry for themselves, angry at something trivial.

They know in the grand scheme of things you’re okay. They don’t intervene in every human moment.

They’re there for the big stuff; the scary stuff; the life and death stuff.

That’s what they do in real life. They just stand there and be present with you. But they won’t get emotional on your behalf.

9. They are okay with your pain:

Are you bleeding? They are steady when confronting your physical pain.

They’ll patch you back together and get you where you need to be as cool as a cucumber.

Are you crying? Stop it. You’re okay. They have no time for your tears. You are okay and they know it.

Now, if you’re crying in front of me, I’ll be the first one to cry with you. I can’t be in the presence of tears and not shed one myself.

But, if you start bleeding on me I’ll drop to the ground, because I can’t handle the sight of blood.

Angels are everywhere in the medical profession because they can handle your blood and other weird body issues with amazing calm and control.

10. They don’t express their feelings verbally:

It’s easy to doubt whether an Angel likes or cares about you because they don’t use their words to tell you.

They do it by the energy they offer you.

This took me years to understand and accept.

Angels care far deeper than you can imagine because they are more sensitive than other beings. The paradox is that they don’t express their sensitivities verbally, so who the hell would know what they’re thinking unless you’re telepathic too.

And sometimes being loved in the mental realm, neglecting the emotions and physical realm, doesn’t feel like enough.

I like to be told; I like to be shown through hugs and physical presence; I like to be thought of and loved through little gifts - I am a Pieces after all…

To live in harmony, I’ve learned to let them know what I need from them, and I check in with them to see how they’re doing, how they’re feeling too.

These 10 things are the most common traits Angel Beings share while in human bodies.

I know this topic is a mind-bender.

Being raised Catholic made this reality extremely hard for me to comprehend.

Once I accepted the possibilities and confronted my personal beliefs about not only Angels being real, but in human body too; I was finally able to ask the right questions and find people to help me understand what it all means.

Of course, I leaned on my own Spirit Guides to help me unwind my own confusion.

Can you spot the Angel in your life?

With these 10 Tips, you’ll now be able to.

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