You're Not God - 10 Reminders for the Sensitive Soul

Feb 01, 2022

By: Kate Saint Clair

Darling Sensitive Soul,

It’s not your fault. You’re not responsible for all the horrible things that go on in this world.

I hope you have a sense of humor about the title of this article.

Saying it in that way is funny, but the seriousness it feels in your Soul and Body is no laughing matter.

The Old Souls are tired right now. The Sensitives are burdened; heavy with weight.

The weight of the world.

These 10 Reminders that You’re Not God came from the conversations I’ve been having with my own Guides, and from the Psychics I teach and council.

Time on earth is brutal for those of us who see and feel everything.

The burden of witness is unbearable, and you feel alone with how much you take in.

It’s been a life saver for me to remember that I’m not responsible for:

  • The lessons that are not my Karma
  • Witnessing other people’s lessons with compassion rather than judgement
  • The totality of the World and it’s problems
  • Why this dimension can be so cruel
  • Stupidity of others
  • Carelessness of others and the long term affects of it
  • The ignorance of others
  • The hypocriticalness of others
  • Enabling of cruelty and abuse
  • The demands of the body and the waste they create

This list is endless.

Where we’re called to help, we must.

But, the energy it takes to witness the World and humanity right now is just as important as rescuing and saving people, animals, water, earth, etc.

There is action in the witnessing.

Even more so, in speaking truth to what we are witnessing.

Not in every second. But, as we have the grace to speak.

In the meantime, I have a cheeky list:

10 Reminders That You Aren’t God

To help you get through this time on Earth

  1. You didn’t create You - the Creator/God did. We are but servants to the majesty of life. We agree to come to do what we’ve been called to do, then go back home again. So lighten up with yourself. You’re not responsible for life/bodies and all that comes along with that.

2. You didn’t create the family you were born into.

Some had it good. Some of us didn’t. If we didn’t, there is reason in that - I promise you. Our job is to make it through and speak our truth. You’re not responsible for Why it was the way it was.

3. You aren’t responsible for who your family allowed around you.

Sensitives are scarred by people that made awful impressions on them when they were little. Into adulthood they tell stories about what they heard and saw as little people. No matter what happened, it wasn’t your fault. It is a parents job to protect you, and if they didn’t, I’m so sorry. It wasn’t your fault.

4. You aren’t responsible for your parent’s choices.

Everyone has the same opportunity to heal and become better. If your parents didn’t get the lesson, it’s not your fault. If your parents are turning worse with age, it’s not your fault.

5. You aren’t responsible for the pain your parents went through when they were young.

As my Guides say, no one gets out of this life unscathed.

Some when we’re young; some, not until they are old. Either way, whatever your parents endured, it’s not your fault. Their Soul went through the lessons their Soul signed up for. You may have totally different lessons. Don’t make the mistake of taking on the lessons they refused to learn. That’s between them and God.

6. You aren’t responsible for how people cope with their pain.

Sensitives naturally take on the emotions and responsibilities of other people. It’s not your fault if people convince themselves they can’t handle it. It’s not your job to fix it for them. It’s not your fault.

7. You didn’t create the Universe.

Sun burning out, I don’t know.

Water drying up, you got me.

Nuclear war, who knows.

Yes, I’m Psychic; but I’m not All Knowing.

When my son gets scared of these things I tell him, “Take it up with God.”

Not to be a smart ass, but to remind him - it’s out of my hands.

It’s out of his hands. He’s not responsible for these answers either.

As a Medium, I know either way we’re all okay.

I have no control of when or how any of us die, and neither do you - and that’s a good thing.

If there’s something I can do to help - I do.

I care.

But, it’s not up to me what happens to our beautiful Universe.

That’s God’s/Creator’s business.

When I get anxious over our mortality my Guides remind me, “It’s not up to you honey.”

Thank God

8. You aren’t in control of people’s lives, or their death.

Over the decades I’ve seen hundreds of clients try - not only to control other people’s lives, but deaths too.

He’s going to die if he….

She’s doing to die if she doesn’t….

If he doesn’t stop smoking he’ll die (the man is 91 years old).

(If you’re a parent and your child is struggling it IS your job to intercede and help until they get through it.)

Of course we want what we think is best for everyone. But, in the end, life and death are between Soul and God - it’s not your fault what happens in between.

How do you know it isn’t 100% true that someone is supposed to die at 55 and not 85?

Can we hold space for people to live as they are either destined to, or how they want to go out?

My Grandpa denied his symptoms of cancer long before he was diagnosed.

He’d watched what his wife went through after her cancer diagnosis years earlier.

Brutal and fatal.

He was nearly 80. He was ready for whatever God had in store for him now, but not treatment.

I understood his decision. I supported him. No judgement.

His kids were angry. I understood that too.

Feeling the feelings of loss are okay, but thinking you should’ve done something and it’s your fault, because he didn’t do _______, isn’t your fault.

When my son was 3 he was hospitalized for severe asthma. They said had I not brought him in when I did he would have had a heart attack and died.

The words lingered.

My husband froze in fear.

I turned to the Spirit World.

This little boy, who I would kill to protect, and die to save, forced me to confront his Soul face to face; as well as my limitations as a mother when it came to his life. 

I had to honor the contract between him and God.

You have so much to do yet son - was my constant prayer.

He stayed.

You will always have an opinion of course. But, what people choose to do is not your fault.

As a Sensitive, our peace is found in accepting the truth of someone’s life, and accepting their death when and how it occurs for them without thinking we could have done anything to stop it.

9. You are not responsible for oppressed and hurting people.

If there are hurting people anywhere, the Psychic/Sensitives feel it.

I can tell what’s on the news based on my client that day. They walk in full of pain. Full of responsibility that’s not theirs to carry.

Tears, agony, fear.

It’s across the globe.

The brutal truth is there is healing in the witnessing, which makes this time on earth so wondrous.

At no other time on earth were we able to see videos of atrocities. We can witness it. We believe others like never before. We can now see it with our own eyes.

Witness what you can, yes.

Carry it from that point forward, no.

When I was beaten and starved as a child, no one helped me. No one came to my rescue. I had a hard time sorting that out as I tried to heal.

My Guides said,

“It worked out the way it needed to. You saved yourself and you needed to know you could do it. Had someone else done it for you - you would have learned that you needed others to help you.”

Watching someone suffer and turning the other cheek is what got our societies to where they are today.

If you can help - DO.

If you are not being Guided to help - there is nothing you can do to make things right for someone else.

This is one of the hardest lessons for Old/Sensitive Souls.

You - being brave and looking, witnessing, listening, is what we are in desperate need of.

Then, you process what you witnessed and put it down. Your job is done honey.

And finally,

10. You didn’t create the demands of the body.

I could write pages on how this affects Sensitives.

* Transportation = cars = massive garbage and oil issues (we don’t have wings)

  • Water = plastic bottles to carry and store water in so we don’t die of dehydration (bodies need water)

* Food = cows = contaminated land (you know what I’m talking about Sensitives)

The list of body issues and environment is a long one.

My Guides advise us to refine our mind and heart by accepting the demands of the body, and not taking on the responsibilities of the world by the garbage bodies produce.

Yes, we will do better on how to deal with environmental issues.

The Sprit World is ready to assist us. We just have to get our policies to align with our earthly values and we will make our waste more holistic.

In the meantime, for the Sensitives that find all of this unbearable, remember - you are not responsible for the demands of the body.

Pray for humanity to find its way to alignment with the earth, and find your Peace through accepting the Soul contract between humans, their bodies, and Mother Earth.

We must accept reality as it is in order to change it. You’re already there.

Now, we must find deeper acceptance of the body in this dimension.

It is messy and beautiful…

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