5 Ways People Realize They Are Psychic

Feb 01, 2022

(& sometimes a Medium too)

by: Kate Saint Clair

Everyone realizes their Intuitive Gifts at some point in life. We just call it different things:

  •  I’m sensitive
  •  God spoke to me
  •  I was lost and I saw my way out
  •  I can read people really well
  •  I had a vision
  •  I just knew what to do

For most, Intuition leaves as fast as it shows up. It feels illusive; random. Our mind convinces us that IT was the source of the clarity or flash of wisdom.

I was born Psychic Medium. I can spot another born Medium in a crowd of a thousand. I see it in your eyes. I see it in your hesitation to say something for fear of offending, or channeling when you weren’t supposed to say something out loud. I see the burden of the energy on your body.

When I found a mentorship program in 2007, I discovered that being born as Psychic as I was - was rare. I was one of the few in the group that had had experiences all my life. I was tormented by seeing too much, knowing too much and feeling too much.

I was trying to untangle the confusion I experienced all my life. Most people there were interested in the subject and were learning how to access their Intuition as a matter of interest rather than as a matter of life or death - which, is where I was at with the whole Psychic thing.

I was passionate; afraid to speak only to yell information out; afraid I’d offend someone; emotional about being a Medium.

There was a fellow student in the group named Sarina who came to the work because she lost her 8 year old son to the flu.

She was a computer programmer out of San Francisco. Intelligent. Never thought about the spirit world let alone be disturbed by it during her formative years.

Then, just like that, her son was gone. Her entire life’s focus changed in an instant. She needed to connect with her son. She needed to make sure he was okay.

She went to an event where the opening act was a local Medium. She rolled her eyes thinking it would be a joke.

From the stage the Psychic Medium said,

I have a boy here, around 8 years old. His parents called him Buddy.”

She shot out of her seat in disbelief.  That was her boy! He was there.

After the reading she chased the Medium down and begged her to teach her how to connect with her son.

She joined the mentorship group and that was that. She learned a few things from the group, then began teaching classes herself.

I couldn’t believe someone could go from 0 to 100 like that. I had been Psychic for 29 years at that point. I couldn’t think of teaching others how to do it. It was all too confusing to me still.

One night Sarina asked me to be a fellow reader for a charity event, “Kristy’s Big Night Out,” in Fort Collins, CO.

I whined about being too afraid.

Sarina looked me in the eye and said sharply,

“I don’t get it. People like me need people like you doing this work. My kid was dead and the only people that can do this work as good as you ~ are the Mediums.”

Her words and honesty woke my ass out of the self-pity coma I had put myself in ~ to not act on my full potential.

People needed to talk to their loved ones on the other side and I was too afraid.

Looking into the eyes of a mother that once needed a Medium to talk to her  son changed my life forever. I donated my time and talent to that charity for many years to follow.

What I realized in that moment was that I was looking at my gift as a burden. It’s awesome being a Medium if you know how to control it. Up until then I couldn’t control it. I had no control in my life in general. I barely comprehended it. But I could do it.

She was looking at my gift as a grieving mother. I had the ability and I needed to get over myself and offer it to others.

Since then, she’s written several books and has become an amazing Medium. She teaches the grieving how to access their Intuition to connect to their loved ones on the other side.

To find out more about her and her amazing story; go to www.SarinaBaptista.com.

I teach the born Psychic Mediums. I know what it’s like to be born this way. We need to understand ourselves before we can offer it to others.

We’ve had a lifetime of people telling us we’re making this up, or we’re weird, or giving us wrong advise ~ so we need time to unwind all the lies and misconceptions we’ve had towards ourselves and others.

In working with the public over the last 12 years, the most common 5-ways people realize they are Psychic are:

Top 5 Ways People Realize They Are Psychic

  1.  Born highly Intuitive: you realize you see things and feel things other people don’t experience the same way you do.
  2.  Feel Sensitive over time: at some point you accept that your feelings mean something. You’ve learned to pay attention to them.
  3.  Loss of a loved one: this drives people to be open to learning how to connect to their loved on the other side.
  4.  Feeling lost in life: through the confusion, you ask and pray for Guidance in a way you didn’t before.
  5.  Near death experiences: people going that close to Heaven rarely come back blind to their connection to Heaven. Our connection to Heaven is our Intuition, the language of the Soul.

We are all born Intuitive, we just realize it at different points in life.

Whatever point you come to understand this, is perfect for you. There is no hierarchy in the Souls need for experience.

Me being born this way is not above my friend coming to the work through the loss of her son, and vice versa. It’s our life lessons which reveal our life’s path. 

I was born to teach the Intuitive's, she was born to help the grieving.

It’s confusing ~ even the most gifted Psychics doubt their abilities because Intuition is subtle, easy to talk yourself out of it’s existence. We give our minds far too much credit for the miracles our Intuition leads us through.

You can’t think your way through Guidance. We must be still, willing to receive Guidance.

When the Guidance comes, only then can we think about what it all means.

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