5 Steps to Trusting The People That Can Help You

Feb 01, 2022

Afraid To Get Help?

5 - Steps To Trusting The People That Can Help You


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I don’t trust cops.

I don’t go to doctors.

Lawyers will screw you.

There are no good dentists.

I hear this from a lot of people. At some point in my life I’ve said or believed all of the above myself.

Two types of people say these things: Old Souls and Victims.

I lived most of my life as both of those.

Since birth, I was so afraid of cops I’d inevitably attract them to me. Once, nearly getting arrested in Seattle because I had a tail light out on my Jeep. It’s a long story so I’ll spare you.

I was raised to think that doctors are too expensive and don’t know anything. I had to be on my deathbed before going to one.

I did everything I could to never have to come into contact with a lawyer for any reason. And, if someone ripped me off or wronged me, well - I was already a victim so I just added it to the long list of victimizations I experienced.

When I became a mother, I wanted the very best for my babies. I sought out the best doctors and reluctantly found them a dentist while overcoming my belief that it was a waste of time and money because they’re baby teeth and baby teeth fall out.

My love and desire for the very best for my children forced me to confront my programming and belief systems of all of these services.

Yes, I had early life programming not to trust any of them, but my irrational fear of all of them was deeper than that.

Visions of:

False accusations leading to imprisonment.

Accidental death at the hands of the doctors.

Irrefutable pain from a dental procure.

Lawyers taking all of my money for no reason.

Paranoid and terrified at the thought of all of it.

As I practiced interacting with them as a mother, I noticed that the more afraid or paranoid I was, the worse the experience I had with them.

If I got pulled over, there was always a ticket, no matter what I was or wasn’t doing.

If my husband got pulled over, a man that has zero fear of any of them, they’d talk about the size of tires on the truck and he’d get a polite warning.

Observing that made me feel even more victimized.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing - a man gets pulled over - no problem, but if a woman does, she gets the book. How dare they.

Year after year the same thing, I was enraged and victimized; he had no problems - ever.

Then, my Guides demanded that I consider healing my deep-seated beliefs about these services from a past life perspective.

What happened to you then, isn’t what will happen to you now. You’ve learned the lessons all Souls learn while in this dimension.”

(And, if you’d like the lesson again - by all means stay paranoid - you have free will).

I had so many reasons to feel the way I felt.

How was I going to change the way I felt deep in my cell memory?

In my personal and professional observation, evil and the darkness likes us being afraid to reach out for help.

It likes us to think no one will help us. It likes us to believe no one will believe us.

That way, when it comes our way it will get away with it. Who are you going to tell; no one.

Evil wants to get away with its cruelty.

Many clients have the mother that likes to isolate their daughters, abusing them, codependent on their presence - programming them not to trust anyone so the daughter never reaches out for help no matter how horrible the offense.

That evil can take place in lives past or in this one; it doesn’t matter. If it gets footing in you through fear of taking care of or defending yourself, it has won.

I was finally ready to be free of these fears.

I began the process of taking one of these professions at a time and working with my beliefs and attitudes about them.

If I saw a cop, my mind would say,

“Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for respecting me. Thank you for all that you do for me. You have my safety in mind and you can see my heart. You’d never hurt me and I’m calm and safe around you.”

With time, I could look at them with love rather than fear.

I’ve been pulled over once over the last 10 years and it was a pleasant experience. He was gentle and respectful.

Just last week I had to call an officer and ask for help with a neighbor.

He was passionate in his desire to protect my family and me.

When I got off the phone with him I teared up because I was so touched at how far I’ve come in healing my past life trauma and fear of police officers.

I can reach out properly and ask for help and protection the way our laws are set up to do.

Doctors and Dentists -

For six years, my dentist told me I needed to get my wisdom teeth out. The bone is blocking them from being able to come out on their own. It could cause infections someday so best to have the surgery to get them out.

I finally agreed to surgery this August.

Three people recommended the same Oral Surgeon to do the procedure.

I took that as Guidance and set up the appointment.

The doctor was everything they said he was: he sat for an hour going over my fears and concerns. He set up medicine to overcome my anxiety at the thought of being under anesthesia and my body’s intolerance to pain.

The surgery couldn’t have gone better.

Except, after surgery I couldn’t open my mouth.

My father said, “Looks like you had a quack for a doctor.”

I was acutely aware of his victim programming and demanded that I was not a victim and the reason my jaw was stuck would be figured out very soon.

First, the doctor thought my jaw may have been damaged during surgery so I did jaw stretching exercises. Two weeks of that and more pain, the doctor told me to come back in for a check up.

He demanded we do another surgery to see if something was blocking the jaw from moving.

Desperately in pain, I agreed to have surgery the next morning.

My husband canceled everything. My family and friends rallied around me.

The doctor found a broken bone in my jaw during the surgery.

The doctor removed it; had me in for several more checkups to make sure I was okay; and I have been healing more every day.

Beliefs confronted:

  • Husbands don’t care.
  • Doctors don’t care or they’ll kill you.
  • I’ll never be okay.
  • My friends don’t care about me.
  • I’m helpless and horrible things happen to me.

Because I practiced changing my beliefs, I’ve not only been cared for in the most beautiful way - I didn’t torture my mind with lies.

I didn’t create more hell for myself then I already needed to go through.

Even in the face of fear and beliefs of victimhood from my father projected onto me, I chose to believe in healing, care and good intentions form those trying to help me.

And finally Lawyers -

In the last few years, I’ve hired a lawyer for my company, and a lawyer for my will and estate.

I asked a lot of people. I spoke with my Guides and I didn’t settle for just anyone.

I set the intention that I would find the best lawyer and their personalities would be great too.

My Guides didn’t disappoint; my estate lawyer made the process easy and removed the fears of ‘confronting death’ from the equation.

My company lawyer is one of the most interesting and dear people I’ve ever met. Her love and devotion to people and the law was totally unexpected.

They’ve both healed my deep, dark belief and fear in lawyers being crooks and liars.

Now, I can reach out confidently when I need to interact with the law and defend what’s mine to protect.

5 Steps to Trusting The People That Can Help You:

  1. Acknowledge where the belief comes from. Is it this life - who? Is it past life - when/where/why? Write it down. Look at it. Confront it. Accept the pain, fear and sadness it created in your soul so you can let it go and move past it.

2. Decided you’re going to work on the fear of _____________.

Make a conscious decision to move beyond your current experience of them.

3. Create loving mantras and affirmations around the profession.

Example: “Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for listening to me. You are excited to make sure I’m okay and safe.”

4. Practice saying these mantras while reaching out to them.

If you don’t have a will, explore getting a lawyer while saying these loving mantras. If you see a police officer, say the mantra over your mind and heart so that if you actually need them - you’re ready to have an open mind and heart over your experience with them.

5. Be gentle with yourself while practicing interacting with them.

You may have been tortured and killed because of any one of those services in a past life. You can’t make yourself get over it, but you can keep practicing changing the frequency of energy around them for this life and your future.

Don’t settle with whatever you can get.

You deserve the best. You deserve respect, protection, understanding and help.

If you hire a creep, that treats you poorly - that won’t heal the wounds your Soul carries.

Hire the best. Not the most expensive, the best quality of person.

With these five steps, you’ll finally be able to hear the words cop, doctor, lawyer and dentist and not want to throw up or run into the woods.

You’ll know that all of these Services are here to heal and protect you.

You are safe.

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