5 Tips On How To Be Comfortable With Your Job

Feb 01, 2022

How To Be A Professional Psychic Medium In The Real World

5 Tips on how to be comfortable doing this work

Kate Saint Clair

What do you do?

I’m a Psychic Medium (Cue uncomfortable silence).

Followed by:

* A passionate turn to get away

* “So what makes you so Psychic?”

* An attempted free Reading

* “How do you know?”

*Avoiding you at all costs hoping you won’t see their secrets

*Excitement in hopes you’ll tell them they are too

*A reading: considering whether they think you really are or not

*Total doubt and confusion

Telling anyone, ever, is a big deal.

It’s like telling someone you’re a lawyer; they either like you, or hate you, depending on their history, up-ringing and understanding (or lack of).

The last thing in the world I wanted to be was a Psychic. I hated the word. I hated being one. I was devastated when I realized that’s what I was born to do.

I’d been a Realtor in Montana; Electrologist in New York City; Marketing Agent in Seattle; in the Stock Market, and a million other professions before coming to terms with the reality that I was born to be a Psychic Medium.

It took me getting skin cancer in 2010 to surrender to the truth

I wanted to do something fun, beautiful and innocent. An interior decorator, a baker (though I can’t bake), a singer.

Something physical, rather than dealing with the heavy weight of death and life.

I already dealt with Spirits of my own and around every corner.

Why would I want to deal with someone else’s?

I didn’t.

After the doctor took the cancer out of my chest, just over my heart; I couldn’t run anymore. I was born to be a professional Psychic Medium.

Ten years later, I can tell you: being a professional Medium is awesome!

I’ve worked my way through the myths.

I’ve gone through all the weird social situations that come up when the dreaded questions is asked, “What do you do?”

Here are 5 Tips to make you comfortable being a professional Psychic Medium in the World:

1. Don’t tell everyone: I have friends that are doctors. They don’t tell their neighbors what they do because before they know it, people are knocking on their front door asking “the doctor” to take a quick look at something as a favor.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation of who you are and what you do. It’s a cultural question asked mainly by Americans. If you want to be just you, then don’t go there. I learned to say, I’m a mom or I’m a consultant when I don’t want to go through the agony of explaining my story to everyone.

If it makes you happy to tell them, then do. You go girl!

2. Have firm boundaries and acceptance of the truth of the situation: What sets you apart is your big open heart; your deep understanding of people without needing words to get it. Just because you get all that information does not make it your responsibility.

You don’t have to tune-in and get more information just because you can. You can be just you, and they can be just them. You don’t have to understand them, and they can’t possibly understand you.

I’ve been in the presence of children who were about to be orphaned. I was ready to grab the adoption papers because I felt so much of their energy I thought it was my duty to take care of them.

I had to sit down and ask my Guides if this was my life’s plan or not. It wasn’t, and it was really hard to be in the presence of children that were in such need.

Boundaries and acceptance of the truth of the situation.

3. Accept limitations: Your only job is to show up; get what you get; and accept that you’re getting what the Sprit World wants you to.

For years I beat myself up if I couldn’t get what I wanted from Spirit. I thought I should have total control over everything if I’m going to work for a client.

During one reading I sat with a 90-year old woman and her 60-year-old daughter.

Her husband of 60 years was giving messages of such detail and intimacy. I was in awe of his ability to communicate. He was telling me stuff I’d never know intellectually.

Forty-five minutes into the reading the daughter got up and screamed, “Why don’t you tell us his name!”

I froze, pissed that I didn’t hear his name. Too many names floating around the room that day.

When they left, I stopped reading for the public for half a year, sulking because he didn’t tell me his name.

The skin cancer awakening showed me that I could’ve easily found out his name so he didn’t think it was important. He offered far more valuable information and he did a great job. I was humbled.

I realized that I have little control over what Spirits say. They’re people and people say what they want to, not what you want them to.

My job is to be honest, accept their limitations, and offer what they want to communicate whether people like it or not.

4. You’re a Psychic not a fortune teller: Most Psychics don’t predict the future. That’s a myth. We absolutely read the past, and we can tell you what the energy and options are in the present, but we cannot read the future %100.

Why: because we have free will.

Just because you can marry that 5th husband doesn’t mean you should. It means you are choosing to heal, learn and grow through a legal contract, rather then a spiritual one.

The Psychic may get clear information that you need time and space to heal from your past. The client may chose to get married to distract herself from that very energy.

Does that make the Psychic wrong? No. But the myth of the Psychic will say, “See, you were wrong.”

There are the rare Psychics that do get specific information of what you’ll be doing in the future.

Actress Helen Mirren once said a Psychic accurately predicted she would become famous later in life.

But, if Helen Mirren gave up acting and ran away from the life she was destine to, that would have never happened for her.

If she instead chose to give up, not show up, run off to Nepal and join a temple; fame would never have chased her down.

Yes, in nearly every session I get predictive information, but I’ve learned to give parameters around it.

“I see your friend from Ohio will tell you about a job in Oregon. It will be a good job, for a while. I don’t sense you’ll stay there for the long term.”

A few months later my client emailed me to tell me she was moving to Oregon.

Years later she moved back to California.

That information is a drop in the bucket so I don’t get caught up in the predictive nature of our job.

My job is to find the Spiritual Meaning behind the information I get.

You might get information that way too. If you do, then embrace the prediction but don’t force it.

Our job is to language energy; not pretend all things are set in stone.

5. If you said yes, you’ve already won: If you agreed to work with a client, booked a session, sat down for an hour, opened your heart to hearing and seeing their Energy-Spirit Guides-and Family Members, you’ve already achieved success.

Congratulate yourself for being both vulnerable and brave.

As a person born Psychic, and having worked with other born Intuitive's for the last 12 years; putting yourself out there IS the hurdle.

It’s the difference between animating your gift in a generous way, or hiding it.

If you’ve said yes to woking with people, you’ve already succeeded.

If they like you or not is not the barometer of success.

If they agree with you or not is not the barometer of success.

Success is saying yes; fully showing up and doing the best job you can.

I’m partial because I have the most amazing clients in the world, but it wasn’t always that way.

When I was insecure and needed lots of approval (which is normal at the beginning of any career) I cared way too much about whether the client liked me or not; if I said the right things or not; if I was good enough.

My Spiritual awakening taught me that none of those things mattered.

When I cared about the silly stuff - I didn’t want to show up. Too much pressure. I was crippled by someone else’s opinion.

When I accepted that it was my job to say yes, show up fully present, and let go of both praise and judgement - I was free.

And freedom meant I was clear.

A clear Psychic is a dream.

Though I appreciate it, I no longer need approval and validation from clients.

Neither do you.

A Psychic doing the work she is born to do is more then anyone could ask for.

It is enough.

You are enough.

Say “Yes” to yourself and the work.

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