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Spiritual Intimacy & the 5 Steps to Experiencing it
    By: Kate Saint Clair I won’t kid you, this isn’t for the faint of heart.  Like most things I work with, this one’s a big one.  “She doesn’t know me. I don’t know her,” my friend said during a session. “Let her. It’s not too late to create a relationship of Spiritual Intimacy... View Article
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You’re Not God – 10 Reminders for the Sensitive Soul
By: Kate Saint Clair Darling Sensitive Soul,  It’s not your fault. You’re not responsible for all the horrible things that go on in this world.  I hope you have a sense of humor about the title of this article.  Saying it in that way is funny, but the seriousness it feels in your Soul and... View Article
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Stand Up For Yourself
  My family took me skiing in Colorado on Mother’s Day weekend. I could tell you about how badly haunted the hotel was, and how my family supported my need to leave it. But, I’ll save that story for another time.  This article is about standing up for yourself; which I’ve had a lifetime to... View Article
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Is There an Angel in Your Family?
  “Is There An Angel In Your Family?”  Kate Saint Clair   I didn’t believe them.  The first time I heard my daughter was an Angel I rolled my eyes.  Nah, that’s not a real thing, I thought.  The second time; a Psychic told me at a Psychic Fair a friend dragged me to for... View Article
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5 Tips On How To Be Comfortable With Your Job
  How To Be A Professional Psychic Medium In The Real World 5 Tips on how to be comfortable doing this work Kate Saint Clair   What do you do?  I’m a Psychic Medium (Cue uncomfortable silence).  Followed by: * A passionate turn to get away * “So what makes you so Psychic?” * An... View Article
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Did John Oliver Offend You?
  Did John Oliver offend you? On “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” he did a piece on Psychics. This piece hurt the feelings, and broke the spirits of many of my colleagues.  Students, clients, and fellow Sensitives admitted they turned the channel and vowed never to watch John Oliver again.  I was sitting with... View Article
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