Be Guided and Be Great

Be Guided and Be Great

Hosted by: Kate Saint Clair

Psychic Medium Kate Saint Clair, and author of Be Guided and Be Great, reveals her signature strategies so you too can have an Intuition you can use, control and trust. Discover what it means to use your Clairs...

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023: Spiritual Intimacy

Episode #23

If you're ready to be who you were born to be, and have meaningful and intimate relationships in your life, these 5-Steps will get you there.   
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024: Afraid To Get Help?

Episode #24

How do you overcome a lifelong fear of: doctors, lawyers, counselors, police and others who's mission is to serve and protect you?  What do you do if you have legitimate reasons not to trust them but you're in a...
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025: I'm Not Psychic Like You: 5-Tips to find the right Psychic Mentor

Episode #25

Finding the right Psychic Mentor can save you years (and a lot of heart-ache) of doubt and struggle with your Intuition.  With these 5-Tips you'll know exactly what to look for when hiring someone to mentor this...
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026: How To Survive Yoga Class: If you're a Sensitive

Episode #26

In this cheeky podcast, Kate tells you how and why attending a Yoga Class is different for Psychic Mediums.  You aren't just walking into a room with people; you're walking into a room full of energy and spirits and...
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027: I'll Answer a Few of Your Questions

Episode #27

You've asked, she's answered.  In this episode, Kate answers a few of your questions about Intuition; and offers 1-Tip on how to make Intuition easier for you going forward.  If you're wondering which is the strongest...
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028 - The Secret Weapon For Clear Intuition

Episode #28

As a Sensitive, you're sensitive to your environment. You're sensitive to clutter, dirt, grim, and extra sensitive to chaos.  In this episode, I invite you to consider how your environment reinforces your energy. If...
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029: Conscious Boundaries Through The Holidays

Episode #29

In this episode, Kate starts you off with 10-Boundaries for a peaceful holiday season. As a Sensitive or Psychic/Medium, you are affected by energy differently than the non-sensitive person. I invite you to think...
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030: A Holiday Experience

Episode #30

Have you ever wondered what heaven and earth were doing at the moment of your holy birth?  In this episode, Kate channels a visualization-experience from the moment of your birth. Heaven prepared to bring you into...
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032: Intuition, Life and Death

Episode #32

What do you do when you 'have a feeling' someone you love is about to pass away? Is it normal? Lets tell some stories about life, death and Intuition. And I'll give you 4-Tips on how to refine it all.  Which Clair Are...
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033: I Can Feel Your Illness

Episode #33

It's common for Sensitives to pick up on other people's illnesses. It's uncommon for you to know when you are. You do this with your Clair-Sentience.   In this podcast, Kate gives a few examples on when it happens to...
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034: Confession - Why People Confess To You

Episode #34

In this podcast - I'll explain why people tell you their secrets; confess the intimate struggles they've been through; and reach for you in near-death moments. And, 3-Tips on how to handle these sacred moments.  Do...
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035: You Are Intuitive Series #1: 10-Questions to excavate your family's Intuitive Story.

Episode #35

The clarity of your Intuition today can be affected by your family's beliefs, patterns and programing.  In this episode, Kate offers 10-Questions to ask yourself about your family's Intuitive Story. Diving deeper and...
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