Be Guided and Be Great

Be Guided and Be Great

Hosted by: Kate Saint Clair

Psychic Medium Kate Saint Clair, and author of Be Guided and Be Great, reveals her signature strategies so you too can have an Intuition you can use, control and trust. Discover what it means to use your Clairs...

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003: 10 Reasons It's Awesome to Have a Psychic Child

Episode #3

The common response to learning that you or your child is Psychic is, Oh No! After today's episode: 10 Reasons It's Awesome to Have a Psychic Child - your response will be, Oh Yes! In this episode you'll learn about...
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004: Please Believe Me!

Episode #4

In this episode; I share tips and tricks to make peace with the family and friends in your life that don't understand what you do as a Sensitive. They may never understand what it's like to see, feel, know and hear...
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005: Beautiful Sensitive

Episode #5

This is a big one, this is a deep one. We get into the nitty-gritty of what it's like, living as a Sensitive. We talk about: 5-Beliefs that all Sensitives have; 11-Truths I've collected while working with and studying...
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006: 5-Ways People Realize They're Psychic

Episode #6

In this episode, we'll explore the 5-Top Ways People Realize They're Psychic (and sometimes a Medium too!). In my 13 years of research, these are the most common experiences that bring people to acknowledge their...
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007: I'm Freaking Out!

Episode #7

Are you a chronic panicker? Do you have weird phobias like: fear of large crowds or the inability to wear a necklace or turtle-necks? It's because of your Cell Memory, or Soul History. In today's episode, we talk...
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009: The Truth of Being Psychic and John Oliver

Episode #9

On February 25th, 2019 John Oliver did a piece on Psychics. This piece hurt a lot of Sensitives, because we spend a lifetime overcoming myths and lies told about us. It takes us a lifetime to  fully understand how our...
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010: 5-Tips How To Be Comfortable With Your Job

Episode #10

With these 5-Tips you'll have the courage to book that appointment with a client, or schedule that lunch with a friend - where she asks you to read for her. You will have the parameters to confidently let the world...
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011: Is There An Angel In Your Family?

Episode #11

In this episode, Kate Saint Clair goes into great detail on how to discover if you have an Angel in the family. Have you ever wondered about the possibility of having an Angel as a child, partner or parent? Not only...
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013: 10 Reminders For The Sensitive Soul

Episode #13

In this Be Guided and Be Great episode, Kate Saint Clair walks you through 10-Reminders that it's not your fault. Sensitive people always blame themselves for the problems that other people create. With these...
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017: 5-Reasons You Should Know You're A Psychic Medium

Episode #17

It's common for people to be born a Psychic Medium and not even know it. In this episode, Kate explores the 5-Reasons You Should Know You're A Psychic Medium. You are dealing with the energy on the psychic plane in...
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018: Your Clairs, The Language of Your Soul

Episode #18

As a Soul having a human experience, your true communication comes from your energetic system, Your Clairs.  This is how we see, hear and know our birth Guides, the Angels, our loved ones on the other side, and how we...
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019: Your Birth Guide

Episode #19

What is the difference between a Spirit Guide and a Birth Guide? In this episode, Kate Saint Clair directs you to 4-Things To Know About Your Birth Guide:  1). What is a Birth Guide 2). What is the difference between...
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