Intuitive Makeover Series: #2 - Your Work Life

Episode #48

What would the picture of your Intuitive Makeover look like?

What would the photo of you with untrained Intuition look like?

What would the photo of you with trained, organized, and conscious Intuition look like?

In this episode, we'll explore the realities of an Intuitive Makeover for your work life.

Work Life meaning ~ the work you do in the world, whether that's your work as a lawyer, writer, healer, teacher. Whether you're a mother, father, or taking care of your aging parents. If you're in service to another person, you're doing work in the world. And your intuition is a big part of that equation because it's a part of you.

Life really does look a certain way before we understand, control and trust our Intuition. And life, after we embark on a process to consciously use our intuition, looks totally different.

Let's explore the differences together!

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