3-Tips to Express Yourself and Make a Deeper Connection Through Website and Design with Julie Ralston

Episode #46

I want to introduce you to business owner, brand and website designer at Jules Design, and host of the Go-To Wellness Podcast, Julie Ralston.

Who would have guessed that a website designer could heal the fear of being seen and heard as a Sensitive? But that's exactly what her work does. As a fellow Sensitive, Julie is able to tap into your authentic expression and help put you and your work out into the world in your own unique way.

In this episode, Julie offers 3-tips for you to express yourself and connect with the people your work serves through website and design.

https://julesdesign.co/ (website & podcast)

https://julesdesign.co/simplifytosell/ (free website workshop)

https://www.instagram.com/julesdesignco/ (Instagram)