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How to Survive Yoga Class
Kate Saint Clair I tried to go to yoga class. I went to all sorts of classes over the years.   At one point, I nearly broke my neck attempting a ridiculous headstand. According to the equally ridiculous teacher, ‘it’s required for enlightenment.’ She scolded me for not focusing.  In that moment I had clarity... View Article
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5-Tips to Find The Right Psychic Mentor
    I’m Not Psychic Like You 5 Tips to Find The Right Psychic Mentor  Kate Saint Clair You can do this too. Do what?  Read for people.  I don’t even understand what you’re doing. I spent decades reading about Intuition. I moved to state after state trying to find someone to help me understand... View Article
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5 Steps to Trusting The People That Can Help You
Afraid To Get Help? 5 – Steps To Trusting The People That Can Help You Listen below: I don’t trust cops. I don’t go to doctors.  Lawyers will screw you.  There are no good dentists.  I hear this from a lot of people. At some point in my life I’ve said or believed all... View Article
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