The Key That Unlocks Everything, episode 053

Sep 02, 2022

Imagine it - 

You move through your day peaceful, confidant, grounded in who you are. 

Someone cuts you off in traffic. You 'know' they're in a hurry and scared to lose their job, so you don't get offended. You settle into your seat, calm and thankful for the beautiful drive. 

The barista at Starbucks won't look you in the eye. You 'know' her head is spinning with worry that her kids didn't get to school on time because the seventeen year old slept in again. You pay for your coffee and speak kindly to her. You show her compassion. You've been there before. 

Someone at the office tells you - you shouldn't wear so much makeup. Stunned at her rudeness, you tune-in to your Intuition: she's jealous that you're always put together and wishes she could be too. You set a boundary with her projection, and immediately feel the love you have for the art of makeup. You think about your glamorous mother and grandmother. They made makeup look like so much fun when you were young. You and your daughter continue their legacy of beauty today, and love your trips to Sephora together. It puts a smile on your face.   

While at the 3 o'clock meeting, Daniel keeps talking over you. You 'read' him: his dad always told him that he needs to be the smartest person in the room and to never give his control over to a woman. With compassion and clarity, you take back the room. It's your presentation after all. 

Later, your husband sends you a text; don't be so sensitive. His disrespectful tone crossed a boundary with you this morning when you asked him to grab dinner on his way home after work. You're clear, you ARE sensitive. It matters to you how people talk to you. You text back, I am sensitive, and I don't appreciate it when I you talk like that to me. I know. Sorry. I'll grab Torchy's on the way home, he responds. 

Annoyed, but grateful you are now clear enough about who you are to stand up for yourself. 

You turn on the t.v.:

Go to college and get smarter; lose weight - you're too fat; you need glasses; your parents will die soon so plan the funeral now...

Because you know who you are, you use your Intuition, live a guided-life, and connect with your Birth Guide on a daily basis, those commercials have zero affect on you: 

You're smart enough as you are; your weight is just fine; your eyesight is good actually, and today is not the day to plan a funeral or get sucked into the fear of the inevitable. 

In this moment, there is peace. You are in peace. You've earned it. 

In this weeks podcast, Episode 053, Your Intuition is the Key: Listen here, I talk about the #1 reason to put in the time and energy to understand your Intuition. 

The #1 reason is - Access to your Intuition reveals how special and unique your Spirit truly is. 

Find out the five most profound influences that make you unique in this episode. 

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