Intuitive Makeover Series #3 - Your Marriage/Partner

Jul 18, 2022


Welcome to #3 in our summer series, Your Marriage/Partner. 

Listen to the episode here. 

This week's 'Ask Kate,' comes from Darla (Ohio). 

Darla asks: 

"I feel like my sister, who passed away last year, is still trying to make me laugh. And I feel her around. Am I just making this up or is this real?" 

Hear Kates answer in today's podcast. 

What would your marriage or partnership look like if you knew how to identify and respect each other's Intuition? What would that feel like? 

For most of us, you'd see: 

* Insecurity

* Doubt

* Frustration

* Miss communication

Now, imagine what your marriage or partnership would look like if you both:

1. Noticed each other's Intuition.

2. Spoke your Intuitive 'hits' out loud. 

3. Say out loud, "I'm getting (Guidance) in this moment."

4. Ask your partner, "What are you getting (Guidance)?"

5. Validate the Guidance your partner receives. 

6. Ask yourself, Is this Guidance or is this _______ (fear, wishful thinking, hope)?

7. Honor the Guidance you receive. 

8. Journal the Guidance you receive over the course of the day or week. 

The after photo would look something like:

* more secure

* able to stay grounded in who you are

* more trusting

* open hearted

* confidant in life, yourself and in your partner

These 8-Steps will get you on your way and help create the intimacy and trust you and your partner both deserve. 

And - be sure to give yourself the time and space to understand and respect your own Intuition. It's so much funner to celebrate it in another when you know you have it within yourself.

~ Kate

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