Intuitive Makeover Series #2 - Your Work in the World

Jun 22, 2022

Welcome to #2 in our summer series, Your Work in the World. 

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Continuing with the before and after theme: 

What would your Intuition look like in your before photo, when Intuition is still random and willy-nilly. How does your Intuition help or hinder how you do your work in the world? 

Would it look: insecure, fearful, voiceless? 

Would you personalize all of the Intuitive hits you get?

Mine sure did. When I was a Realtor (over twenty years ago, ah-hem), I would feel my clients fear and disappointment that their money didn't go as far as they wished it had and interpret it as disappointment in me. Like I was doing something wrong. 

I personalized everything because I didn't know how to prevent psychic information from using my personal feelings. It was all so personal and so overwhelming. 

After putting in the time, energy and effort to organize, use and understand your Intuition, your after photo will look: confident, secure, trusting, free to be yourself, your voice fully integrated. 


Because Intuition gives you all of these things due to the support and accurate feedback it gives you. 

You know where to go to get accurate information. You know where to go to ask questions so you understand a situation accurately. You know what questions to ask your Birth Guide. You know how to use another Clair if the Clair you're using does not fill out the big picture. You personally get love and support from the Spirit World and your Guide will always point you in the right direction even of it's uncomfortable. 

All of these things help you do your work with confidence in the world. 

These 5-Tips will get you on the bridge from your before photo, to your after photo with integrated Intuition:

1. Meditate: active meditation to cleanse and clear your Chakras and fill your body and aura with white light to purify your personal energy and release any energy that isn't yours. This will give you your own space in the world. 

2. Meet your Birth-Guide during meditation: though this step can take practice and lots of patience, it can be done. Begin by taking a look at what and who is around you each time you sit in meditation with the intention of seeing your Birth-Guide. 

3. Journal: write down any intuitive impressions you receive throughout the meditation. This creates a map for you to reflect on to build your intuitive confidence.

4. Clairs: notice what Clair you use throughout the day. Do you have visions (clairvoyance)? Do you hear guidance (clairaudience). Do you feel guidance (clairsentience)? Do you just know things throughout the day that turn out to be accurate (claircognizance)? 

5. Evening Journal: write down all of the intuitive impressions you received throughout the day to create the evidence you need to build your intuitive confidence. 

You're on your way to doing your work in the world with fully integrated Intuition.  

Whether difficult clients or demanding children come your way - you have access to your Guidance System to help navigate the choppy waters. Your voice will come with the confidence you feel by doing life your own way. 

You're here to do things in a way that only you can. 

We're so happy that you are.



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