Intuitive Makeover Series #1 - Your Personal Life

Jun 16, 2022

We're kicking off our summer series, Intuitive Makeover #1: for your personal life! 

Listen to the episode here.

This time of year is full of people taking before and after photos of their body through the process of a physical transformation. They know they're going to take specific steps in hopes of transforming their body into a well oiled machine. 

Our Intuition is the same; we can take specific steps to transform it into something that we love, trust and use in a way that makes us feel good and safe in the world. 

What would the photos of your before look like? Before; you know, when Intuition is willy-nilly and who the hell knows when it will work or how you'll receive it. 

After taking specific steps to use, control and trust your Intuition, what would your after photo look like? Confidant, alive, trusting yourself, life and your Guides quite possibly. 

To help you excavate what image of transformation you're in, answer a few of these questions to see which resonates with you the most: 


1. Do you ask your Guides questions? 

2. How often do you get Guidance? 

3. Do you trust yourself and life?

Active transformation program:

1. Do you ask your Guides questions? If so, how do you receive the Guidance (which Clair do you use)?

2. Do you know when your Guides are connecting with you (which Clair do they connect with you)?

3. Do you pick-up Guidance for other?


1. Do you wake up confidant, peaceful? 

2. Do you look within for answers to your personal life?

3. Do you know you'll be Guided to the next right step in life? 

You'll resonate with a certain set of these questions which lets you know where you're at on your Intuitive Makeover. 

The pursuit of the Intuitive after photo is the most transformational thing you can do for yourself. It connects you to your Spirit, Soul, higher-self, Guides and loved ones on the other side, just to name a few.

It illuminates your being as a whole, and that light - lights the path forward on your wondrous journey in life. 

To embark on an Intuitive Makeover you can: hire an Intuitive coach (me), listen to podcasts and read books on Intuition (Be Guided and Be Great podcast too!), or begin by sitting quietly with yourself and use your Clairs to witness the whispers of your Spirit and Guidance. 

Which Clair Are You?

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