5-Tips to Find The Right Psychic Mentor

Feb 01, 2022

You can do this too.

Do what?

Read for people.

I don’t even understand what you’re doing.

I spent decades reading about Intuition. I moved to state after state trying to find someone to help me understand myself.

However, when I sat across a Psychic Medium in 2007 that told me I could do this, I didn’t understand what ‘this’ meant.

It means, Using Your Intuition.

It means, You’re Psychic.

It means, You’re a Medium.

As a Psychic Medium, and someone who emphatically knows how Intuition works, I can see it in you too.

Yes, someone had to convince me. And, I’ve lost track of all the people I’ve had to convince myself.

Intuition works through our Clairs, and every single person has all of the Clairs:

Clairvoyance: see

Clairsentience: feel

Clairaudience: hear

Claircognizance: know

I equate it to eating; everyone needs to eat several times a day, but not all of us walk into the kitchen and know what ingredients to use to make a delicious dish.

Some of us just feed ourselves; others make a feast for themselves.

Everyone uses their Intuition throughout the day; some of us understand the ingredients to get more out of it.

God gave each of us the ability to access Guidance and Heaven through our Clairs.

We can all talk to loved ones on the other side; it’s just that someone born ‘Medium-ready’ were born to do it for other people.

Information is more profound coming out of the mouth of someone who didn’t ‘know’ the person.

It makes it more real somehow.

Before I was trained, I could ‘hear and feel’ my Intuition really well.

I didn’t think I could ‘see.’

My mentor demanded I tell her what I ‘see;’ immediately images flooded my mind.

I said what I was seeing and was validated that it was meaningful, relevant, and exact.

One of my longtime students told me she wasn’t a Medium and couldn’t do what I can do, sometimes with tears running down her cheeks.

For 5 years, I reassured her that she was a Medium and could do exactly what I do.

When the time was right, she was ready.

And, with specific instruction she was able to bring in precise information from the other side.

She’s never looked back. She can go straight to Heaven whenever she wants to now because she learned how it works.

Another student of mine, only likes to tell you what she sees.

I asked her to tell me what she hears.

After her resistance, she was able to listen to my Grandmother on the other side and gave me a message that was accurate and relevant.

We pick up Psychic information in our own way, much like - we eat the kinds of food we like; but we’re all using the Clairs to pick up that information.

(like - we all use our mouth/teeth/tongue to eat the different kinds of food each day.)

We are using the same equipment, but the way we use it will be our own way.

For example: I may look at the hair color and face of a Spirit when I’m reading them.

Another person might see her clothes and shoes.

We’re both right. We’re both using our Clair-Voyance to see her, but we’re looking at different things.

Much like a good chef - goes to culinary school to become a great chef, a good Psychic needs mentorship to become a great Psychic.

Our profession is no different than any other profession.

It takes time, dedication and education to become great at it.

We eat, we learn to cook, we get more educated and become chefs if we want to.

We have intuition, we learn to use our intuition, and we get educated and learn to control our Intuition.

Natural, normal progression of how all things in life work.

We can learn for ourselves, and we can learn how it works to help others. It’s up to us how we want to use it.

You might not be called to use your Intuition professionally as I am, but you are using your Intuition in your daily life already.

It would be wonderful for you to understand how to access and understand it for your own enjoyment.

People that are born Psychic Medium aren’t special, we’re just born doing something stronger than how other people naturally do it.

I’m envious of people that have a natural gift for cooking.

I just don’t have it or the patience (or the interest) to really do it well. But I still have to eat and feed my family several times a day.

Maybe someday I’ll take a class and get better at it for pleasure.

And, if you want to, you can take a class or find a mentor to help you get better at understanding how Intuition works in your life.

You’ll get so much more enjoyment and comfort out of it if you do.

5 Tips to Find the Right Psychic Mentor

  1. You’re comfortable or intrigued by the person. They make you feel like you can do this!
  2. Find someone you admire. You think to yourself, “I wish I could do what they can do.”
  3. You know they have good skills. Have a reading with them or a coaching call and make sure the information they give you is accurate and relevant.
  4. They have a mentorship or teaching program. There is nothing worse than willy-nilly teaching. Make sure they have a process to help you understand how your Intuition works as time unfolds.
  5. Other people love to train with them. They have loyal students that have landed with them. Make sure people have trained with them for at least 6 months to a year.

The journey of finding a teacher is close to my heart. I searched for one for 27 years.

Growing up in Montana, there were zero people in my orbit talking about intuition, guidance, spirits or feelings.

I moved to New York City, then Seattle; only to be around weird, eccentric folks, which made me feel more weird and alone.

I attended an Angel class in New York City in 1999.

The instructor said, “Close your eyes and listen for the name of your Angel.”

Of course, I heard nothing and went home totally defeated, frustrated and confused.

I kept searching until I ultimately found a woman who was normal. She was just a wife and a mom, and an incredible Psychic Medium.

It was her humility that drew me in, and her normalcy that made me know this wasn’t weird or extraordinary. It’s just another way we experience being human.

If you need to get this gift under control, and understand it once and for all, don’t give up.

Keep searching until you find the right teacher for you.

It’s worth excavating and uncovering exactly how you create light while on this earth.

I used to say to my Mentor:

Explain me to myself.

What am I doing?

How am I doing that? 

Now, my students say it to me.

And, I’m honored to have a chance to enlighten someone about how they access heaven, and clarify how they communicate with their personal guidance system each and every day.

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