Intuitive Makeover Series #4 - Parenthood

Jul 25, 2022

Welcome to #4 in our summer series, Parenthood and Intuition. 

Listen to episode 050, here.

This week's Ask Kate, comes from Elizabeth (Sacramento, California). 

Elizabeth asks: 

"I listen to your podcasts and am beginning to understand the difference between my imagination and my Intuition. But, how can I better understand the difference between them? Warmly, Elizabeth."

Find out the answer in today's podcast. 

We're at the final episode in the Intuitive Makeover Series, Parenthood. 

What does the picture look like before you integrate your Intuition as a parent? 

Mine looked:

* anxious * fearful (irrationally) * paranoid * worried all the time * tried to control everything

Then, I learned about my Intuition.

I put-in time to sit with, meditate, got mentorship, put myself out there and practiced on others and refined my skills.

I couldn't have imagined how this would affect my ability to be a better parent. 

After I put in the effort, time and energy to understand my Intuition, my after picture as a parent looks like:

* relaxed * trusting * I feel supported * joyful * excited * open to who my children are * excited for what comes next  

There are 4-Steps you can take to begin trusting your Intuition as a parent, too.

1. Tune-in to their Spirits.

2. Ask questions to their Spirit or Soul.

3. Look at their Birth-Guide. Get information from them if you can or practice observing the spiritual beings around them. 

4. Journal

I share a few troubleshooting-tips in this episode as well. It's a process so be patient with yourself. 

Our children are more vast and complex than our rational brains will ever understand. Going to your Intuition to help parent them will help you have the right answer for the right child.

None of them are the same. None of them have the same Spirit. None of them are here to do the same things in their life.

When we go to the source, their Spirit, for guidance, from there we can make decisions in alignment with who they are supposed to be. 

Knowing your children through the lens of Intuition is a humbling, exciting way to experience life together. 

Experiencing each other Soul to Soul. 

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