When Someone Is Murdered - Why you need to know what type of Psychic/Sensitive you are

Aug 19, 2022

The tragic reality of murder. 

Whether you know the murdered person or not, it leaves an ache, a sickening feeling in your body. 

In this episode, I talk about why it's so damn important that you know what type of Psychic/Sensitive you are, especially in the presence of a murder. And, especially if you are a Medium. 

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Recently, a girl my daughter goes to school with was murdered by her mother's boyfriend. Both she and her mother were shot to death, leaving behind siblings, ages 2, 4, 12, and 14. 

My Guides lead me to the story hours before my daughter came to me with the news, giving me time to 'read' the situation, and prepare for the conversation. 

Every person reads the situation differently, but each of us use our Clairs to do so. 

We bring-in the information either through Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Cliarsentience, or Claircognizance. 

If you're a Medium, you read the dead with your Clairs too. 

If you're a parent, it's critical that you tune-in to how your child is interacting with the news, the story, the realities of the murder, Intuitively. How are they reading it? How are they processing it? Is their dead friend coming to them in Spirit form? Are they empathic? Are they pulling-in other peoples emotions? You must know in order to help and support them. 

In this episode, I share the story of being in 8th grade; my friend Jess was shot to death by another boy at a house party. And how devastating that was to my young Psychic Senses as both a Psychic/Empath and a Medium. My mother not only didn't talk to me about what happened, she scolded me for crying about it which catapulted me deeper into the darkness of the situation. 

There are 4-Steps to get control of your Intuition when a murder occurs: 

Part - 1

1. Tune-in to your heart, Guides or God and ask, "Is there a reason I keep looking at the tragedy?"

2. Ask your Guides, "Am I just curious about what or why it happened?"

Part - 2

3. Tune into yourself and Guides and ask, "Why - why am I looking at this over and over?"

4. Then ask, "What do I need to do?" 

Journal the answers and guidance you receive. 

Knowing what Clairs are interacting with the energy is the first step, then asking questions such as the ones above, will get you moving in the right direction back towards your own life. 

Also, we have an Ask Kate question! 

This question comes from Jackolyn from Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Jackolyn asks - 

Since I was a little girl, I see the farm my grandma grew up on, in my mind. It's like I can smell it. I can hear the sounds of it in my mind. And I can see people in my mind. Some I recognize and some I don't. The problem is - I feel like I have no control when I go there. How can I stop my mind from going to my grandmas house? 

 Listen to the answer in this weeks episode! 


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