The Secret to Living a Meaningful Life, episode 054

Sep 20, 2022

+ 3-Reasons a Sensitive must tether to life

Have you heard this before, The key to spirituality is to let everything go?

Though there is some truth to it, without the help of the birth-guide, people let go of the very things that ground them, support them, excite them, give purpose and meaning to their lives. 

It creates a void, and a void to a Sensitive feels like death. 

In episode 054, on the Be Guided and Be Great podcast, I give you the top 3-reasons a Sensitive must tether to people, places and things in life. And 4-ways to use your Intuition, your Guidance, to renegotiate how and what you're tethered to. Listen Here

The spiritual myth that we must 'let go' of our stuff - is so destructive if we're not letting the right things go. 

I've witnessed people let go of eating, the pursuit of meaningful relationships, objects that had priceless meaning to them, gone - so one can be more spiritual. 

We are a Spirit. No matter what we do we can't not be Spiritual. 

What we're alive to be is human, 3-dimensional. 

We need to eat. We need to drink. We need - touch, love and meaning. And we get meaning through our 3-dimensional experience. 

 You have eternity to not eat. You in your natural form, doesn't need to. You in human form does. Isn't that wonderful! We're here for all of it. 

And yes, we must let go of things that are no longer for us in this moment. But that means we must tether to something new. But tether we must. 

We must have things in our life that give us life, passion, purpose. 

We are having a human experience and cutting off all of our humanity lands us in the world of nothingness and that world, for a Sensitive, feels like death. 

So, when anyone tells you that the key to freedom is to let go of your humanity, or to shun, or shame that which makes you human - know that they are confused. 

Your freedom is in being fully, unapologetically human. 

Because that's why you're here, that's why you're alive, to be human. 

You have eternity to be Spiritual because that's what you are. You don't have to work hard to be that. 

Our work is to integrate our Spiritual selves into our humanity. 

Cultivating your tribe, eating beautiful food, drinking water, hugging a friend, looking into your loved ones eyes, having reason and purpose in what you do to contribute to your humanity, breathing the air, having a relationship with the land, the earth you walk upon. 

This is life. This is what we're here for. This is how you stay connected to the body, and with that, your Spirit. 

Your human experience is the key to your joy. 

Yes, there is heartbreak, yes there is loss, but that's part of the human experience too. 

Beginning again, is the next right step towards meaning in your life and it's up to you to create that meaning.

Use the 4-steps to connect with your personal Guidance System, so you can truly know what to tether to, and when it's time to let it go, tethering to new, life-affirming energies that bring meaning and purpose to your life. 

The 4-Steps to renegotiate your tether: Ask you Guide

1. Is this a need? 

2. Is this helping or harming?

3. Does this need to be refined, now? 

4. Is it time to let it go? 

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