How to Survive Yoga Class

Feb 01, 2022

I tried to go to yoga class.

I went to all sorts of classes over the years. 

At one point, I nearly broke my neck attempting a ridiculous headstand. According to the equally ridiculous teacher, ‘it’s required for enlightenment.’

She scolded me for not focusing.

In that moment I had clarity - Psychic Mediums cannot survive Yoga class.

Can we do it in the privacy of our homes? For sure. Can we do it one-on-one with a teacher that doesn’t have yucky energy or worse - yep.

If you can’t focus, or handle being in a Yoga class, you may be Psychic, Medium or both.

7 Reasons Yoga Class is Torture For Sensitive Souls:

  1. As a Clair Sentient (clear-feeling), you will feel peoples sickness. Your body will take on the symptoms of someones illness or you’ll be unbearably uncomfortable and not know why.

I was at one Bikram Yoga class where the woman in front of me was full of cancer, I couldn’t bare being behind her.

As we gathered our things to leave, she walked up to me and said, “You should come here more often. This practice helped me get rid of my cancer.”

It took me days to get the energy and images of what she went through during her cancer journey out of my own mind and body.

2. As a Clair Sentient, you will feel people’s energy and attitude.

If they’re in there trying to be perfect, you’ll feel an irrational need for perfection even if it’s your first day there.

If they’re angry but smiling, you’ll try to ‘read’ them to figure out what the hell is going on.

3. As a Medium, each person has at least 5 Spirits around them.

Good luck trying not to interact with all 5 of those Spirits.

People have Guides and dead loved ones around them.

Some people have ghosts and yucky attachments too.

They’re like people - so they stand there, they talk, they interact with people and if they’re staring at you - you know it.

Even if you’re not aware you’re a Medium, you feel anxious like someone’s watching you. They are…

4. You can’t become enlightened by bending over.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I’ve heard Yoga teachers say this to their students.

Are you kidding me?

I’m sorry but Soulful changes come from conscious work.

Yoga can be in the same realm as, “Say 5 hail Mary’s and everything is better now.”

If you do 500 downward dogs but still live in denial, you can do 500 more and nothing in your life will change.

Now, if you’re doing downward dogs while consciously confronting your patterns, denial, your Guidance, your thoughts or able to achieve peace in your mind - you CAN attain enlightenment/clarity on many issues in your life.

It’s the same effect as running. Running is a meditation if you’re engaged in contemplation or peace while doing so.

Yoga and running are great for the body and should be considered when the intention is to move the body, but they are not, in themselves, the way to enlightenment.

5. As a Clair-cognizant, you just know the truth about people.

If you’re Psychic and the Yoga teacher scolds you, you’ll feel tremendous rage because you can ‘read’ her. You know that the person telling you to _________ can’t even do it in her own life.

You don’t need anymore information. You just know she’s ignorant, or cruel or on an ego trip.

How dare she scold you for things she doesn’t understand.

6. As a Clair-Audient (clear-hearing) you’ll be overwhelmed and anxious by the sound of everyone’s thoughts (telepathic) and the sound of the spirits talking.

You’ll be offended and irritated and not even know why.

I know why, it’s because you hear other people’s judgements, criticisms, self-talk and everything else under the sun.

When you’re an untrained Clair-audient, it will all sound like your own thinking voice, so you’ll leave there thinking you’re crazy and have no control over your own thoughts.

You’re actually hearing everyone else.

This is brutal for Psychic people.

7. If you’re a Medium, the dead will ask you to help them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a ghost on location, one that walked in with a person or if it’s someones dead relative.

The Spirit will walk up to you and demand you give a message for them.

If you don’t know how to control this, or what your boundaries are, you feel obligated to “help” them.

How can you focus on your poses if Spirits are bothering you and asking you to ‘help’ them?

You feel like you have to tell the person the message.

But what if you don’t have that personality?

What if you hate walking up to strangers and revealing you are a Psychic? Most of us want to keep that to ourselves in our private lives.

Most of us run away, pissed off that we can’t even take care of ourselves without someone asking us to help them.

Compassion, rage, victimization, death. It triggers so many feelings in us.

So, what do we do if we enjoy Yoga but find it brutal to endure public classes?

  • Join a monthly Yoga video subscription to do at home
  • Hire a private teacher
  • Buy a video, or subscribe online and do it at home
  • Find another way to workout
  • Pay attention to what you’re feeling during class; learn about how you personally pick up Psychic information and put boundaries around it

For example:

If you’re a Medium, promise yourself you won’t ‘tune-in’ to people during the class.

If a Spirit asks for your help, telepathically tell them you can’t right now, and go find another Medium to help them.

If you’re picking up on others energy, say to yourself, “That is them, this is me. I reject all energy that is not mine right now.”

If you feel anxiety over a busy mind, (telepathy/Clair-Audience) create a mantra for yourself as you get through class.

Mantra: I am safe and loved.

Or an affirmation: I am safe and loved, and it’s easy for me to focus on myself.

If you’re a Sensitive, don’t put so much pressure on yourself to go to Yoga class.

If you want to, then do. If you really can’t enjoy yourself while you’re there, find something else to do for your health.

The point is to get the blood pumping, be respected, move the body and enjoy being alive.

It’s not to impress someone’s dogmatic ideas of Spirituality.

If you’re a Yoga teacher, take care of the Psychic Mediums in the class.

You have no idea what they may being dealing with internally.

They may have 10 things to deal with before they can get the body to do what you’re asking them to do.

Don’t scold them for needing a minute to focus.

They might have to tell your family member they can’t talk right now.

If you’re lucky, they’ll like you enough to give you a message from the other side.

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