A Psychic is a Mechanic of the Soul, episode 055

Sep 29, 2022

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It's easy to value the way some people can fix physical things. 

The car is broken, we take it to a mechanic who knows how to pull things apart to locate the problem. After said problem is located and repaired, car gets put back together exactly as it should be. Then, we let out a sigh of relief

The bone in our right arm is broken. We go to a doctor who's trained as a mechanic of the body. They set the bone, wrap it in a cast and tell you exactly how long the bone will take to heal. Though there's frustration in the time it takes to heal, we're relieved to know we're on the mend. 

I've watched my husband stay up into the night fixing our cars, air conditioner, anything. He's focused, determined to tear it apart, find the problem, fix it and he knows exactly how to put everything back where he found it. 

One evening while he was working on our daughter's car, I had an epiphany

He is a mechanic of the physical, and I am a mechanic of the spiritual. 

When things are broken or not working right in the Spiritual realm, I don't rest until I find the problem and fix it. It's natural for me. I'm obsessed, life affirmed, and determined in the pursuit of perfection of the Spirit. 

There's a Spiral law while we're here in this dimension. We need each other. We all have different gifts to offer each other. No-one can do it all, though many of us do try. 

I need his help fixing all that goes wrong with our things, and he needs my help tended to the Spiritual, mental and emotional battles that come up for him and our children. 

After my epiphany, I no longer wonder why he makes things worse when I ask him to help with the kids when something mental/emotional/spiritual goes wrong. He has no idea how to locate the problem, fix it and put it back together again. But I do...

And the next time something goes wrong with the car, I know just who to ask. 


The 3 crucial things to remember as a Psychic: 


1. Though you are a mechanic of the Soul, you too may need a specialist sometimes. 

2. It's okay if your client, child, spouse or friend doesn't heed your guidance. They have their own free will and you can only help/fix that which they'll allow you to. 

3. You won't be %100 correct all the time; you're having a human experience too. 

Remember, not everyone can do what you do. You've read and studied things not everyone has studied. You've put in time, energy, money and heart learning how to do what you do. It doesn't matter if everyone understands or appreciates what you do as long as you do. When we respect and understand what we do, only then will others respect it too. 


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