Interview with Financial Wellness Coach, Megan deBoer

Aug 19, 2022


In this episode, I interview Financial Wellness Coach, Megan deBoer. 

“Megan deBoer is the founder of Tended Wealth, a business that helps individuals heal their emotional and practical relationship to money. As a certified Financial Recovery Counselor, her approach considers the context of our current financial circumstance: our lived experience, our family of origin, and the broad culture that together shape our beliefs about money. She is passionate about transforming this fundamental part of our lives from shame and overwhelm to a sense of agency, clarity, and potential. She specializes in helping those who are selfemployed to radically increase their earning. Her course participants and 1:1 clients regularly attest to the life changing power of this work.”

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I met Megan deBoer in 2019 while on my own financial wellness journey. I went through, Karen McCall's, World Class Money Coach Training, in 2018, and was encouraged to get a coach to help me as I took steps to better understand Financial Wellness. 

Megan's huge-heart was apparent from the start. She looked me in the eyes, held my energetic hand, and walked me through my financial numbers that told the story of my deeply held beliefs about money. 

Through her tear of witnessing my financial history, I realized how deep the scars of my past were. 

Broken home. Child support wielded and weaponized upon my young life. My parents used money to shame and blame each other by taking out on me. Who had to pay for my clothes, food, and doctor bills. Twice, my mother went to court to raise the child support and didn't tell anyone. When my dad picked me up for his weekend, he and his new wife shouted, "Your mom doesn't really love you. She just loves the money we give her for you." 

My grandma, who did most of my raising, was from the depression era. I'd hear, "Do you really need that ice cream cone," as I looked up to see the $.50 cost. 

I turned fifteen and that was it, I was self sufficient from then on. I worked at a restaurant, did Insurance, got my Real Estate licence at eighteen-years-old and sold Real Estate. At twenty, I moved myself to New York City and made hundreds of dollars an hour. I took care of business. I took care of myself. I took care of everything. I was no-ones burden. 

There I was, almost forty, exhausted, drowning, clients, kids, and several moves to new states for my husbands work. Each time I made the house a home while taking care of clients and resettling my kids. Something needed to change. 

Megan taught me tangible skills to have a relationship with money. How it's there to support me. Ground me. Expand my life. She taught me to plan my finances to have the life I want, not just react to it. She taught me Money Grit, a fabulous tool developed by Karen McCall and her darling husband John. I developed the ritual of doing Money Grit each morning. At first, I couldn't breathe, but as I developed the habit and made a spending plan each month, eventually not only did our finances change, but my relationship with money did too. 

Now, I know where my money is going before it goes. I plan it. I control it. I depend on it to support me and my family. 

The days of financial illiteracy and fear are now behind me. Because - Megan is so darn good at what she does, both with the numbers, and with her heart. 

I'm forever grateful. 

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