Connections to the Other-Side

55 minutes, $1,000

I was born a Psychic Medium

I speak with people who’ve passed away.

My life’s work is devoted to answering your questions.

Did They:

  • see me
  • suffer
  • know I was there
  • meet my baby
  • know I…
  • forgive me
  • make it to Heaven
  • ask for my forgiveness
  • acknowledge

The list goes on…

It took me 30 years to accept this Gift, that began as a burden, so I could help you receive messages from the ‘loves of your life’ that passed away.

I am a evidential Medium ~ meaning I can bring in evidence of how your Loved One:

Looked: Black, blond, brown or green hair anyone?

Spoke: Were they cheeky or silly, sarcastic or lied?

Had personality: Center of attention, quiet but loved a lot?

Used their mannerisms: Did they run funny? Did they knit or sew? Were they controlling? Or did they stare through your Soul?

Examples from Previous Sessions

“I hear the name Bruce, but I don’t see him yet. I need to wait for him to show himself to me. I see brown hair and a guitar. He has a beard.” ~ me 2010

“Yes, my father’s name is Bruce. He played guitar and had a beard for all of his life. How did you know?” client 2010

“I’m seeing a brown haired man. He says he’s your dad and he’s running. He has a funny run.” ~ me 2009

“Yes, my father had brown hair and ran every day of his life. He had a bad leg so his run was wobbly.” ~ client 2009

“Your mother was gorgeous. Her hair was black, pulled up and had impeccable makeup on. Your dad is tall and staring at me with a cold stare.” ~ me 2011

Laughter - “My dad’s stare could freeze me in my tracks. He was a quiet man, but his eyes; my God his eyes.

Tears - “My mother, she wore her black hair in a big bun. We lived in the country but she had her makeup on every single day. She was beautiful.” ~ client 2011

In our session I will:

  • Get you the evidence you need to insure we are talking to your loved one through my ability to see them

  • Offer messages of the past, present and future from their perspective through my ability to hear them

  • Tell you where they are around you through my ability to sense them

  • Connect to your birth Guide to acknowledge if what they’re saying is true for you

  • Answer questions you have about your past, present and future


         If you’ve been wondering and waiting to know if your Loved One is okay or has a message for you, book a session with me and I’ll do what I was born to do;

bring messages from the Other-Side to you…BE GUIDED AND BE GREAT™

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