Intuitive Coaching Intensive

10-Week program

Let's Talk About It...

You’re getting Guidance, at least you think you are.
Are you, you could be. It’s all so confusing.

You feel like you should walk down this path, but there is a lot of energy down the other path too.

Oh what to do…?

I understand. I’ve been there too.

That's why I offer this session to you.

Even though you’re getting the Guidance, it’s mucky because we get lost in our own time-lines & dreams. It’s great to have a fellow Psychic clarifying which road is the right road to travel today.

With the help of your Guides, I’ll help you clarify:

  • What: what is going on & what has gone on to get you where you need to be in life or professionally

  • How: how to get get there fast and with great results

  • Why: I’m a big believer that when I go into something armed with Why I’m doing it - I can get through anything

We can talk about anything.

You can be Psychic or have no idea that you are.

We can talk shop, or we can clarify your life together. The intention of this session is to clarify.

If you’re ready to jump off the cliff and become a professional Psychic but have no idea how to get from a-b, I can help!

I’ve devoted 35 years and thousands of dollars figuring out how to accept the gift through:
  • Practice - learning how to clarity and control the Guidance I get
  • Professional - being brave and learning how to professionally share it with one client at a time
  • Proficient - group readings, radio shows, theater events, charity readings, and mentoring groups of other talented Psychic & Mediums to bring their amazing gifts to share with the world.

The world is waiting for you to do what you were born to do, and so am I!

In this session, nothing is off the table. I can help you understand how you receive Intuitive information and I can help you see the big picture for how you’re going to bring it into this world.


I was born to work with you.

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