Please, believe me!

December 12, 2018
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He doesn’t believe in what I do. I don’t think he understands it. I don’t know if this is going to work out,” she said.

Does he need to?
Does his belief make it real?
Can you do what you know how to do even if he never understands?
Do you believe in and understand what he does?
If you don’t, does that mean he does nothing all day at work?

My husband makes beer. He goes to work every day making a product people love. He makes sure the people working are safe, and he makes sure the equipment that makes that sweet nectar is functioning smoothly.

I don’t question what he does because there is physical evidence of what he makes, beer.

I’m a Psychic Medium. My work is in the Spiritual realm. My work takes that which is unseen and brings it into the Physical realm through:

  • Validation: I say, “your grandmother’s name is Joy and she has straight black hair.” You validate it through a yes or no.
  • Confirmation: I say, “your friend from Ohio is going to tell you about a job in Oregon and you’re going to take it. Two months later I get an email saying you’re moving to Oregon. (true story)
  • Intention: the Guides say, “you need to have firm boundaries with your mother.” You practice firm boundaries and the relationship improves.

There are hundreds of other ways my work is real, but the truth is – it’s subtle. 

It’s my job to understand how my work is real. I am the professional.

My friends and family aren’t, so it doesn’t matter if they understand.

This is tough love honey because I too waisted years wishing and waiting for my husband, family, and friends to validate me before I could step into the limelight.

If I didn’t have a mentor that threw me into the light, I wouldn’t be where I am today ~ because there was no way in hell my husband would’ve understood my gift before I did, and my family’s legacy was built on silencing and dimming my gift.

My mentor went to China for a month and sent her clients to me. It was brutal and scary, but knowing that she believed in my gift and abilities forced me to say yes when they called for an appointment.

When I had a spiritual awakening in 2010 my Spirit Guides told me over and over;

“It’s not his job to tell you how good of a Psychic you are. It’s not his job to understand.” 

I had a belief that he “should” understand me (my gift and the burden and intricacies of it) if he loved me. But that was nonsense.

He was my husband. His job was so much more than to understand my job. He loved me, protected me, provided for our family. As long as he respected me and what I was born to do, that was enough.

Once I stopped projecting that he should understand my work as well as I did – everything changed in my life.

I don’t understand what he does all day. And, I don’t care. I don’t need to hear about beer and I don’t care how it’s made. I don’t drink, it’s not my passion. I love his company and they treat him good – that’s all I care about.

He was born to do that work, he’s damn good at it. Yet that still doesn’t make me care about it.

I care about him. I care how he’s doing and how he’s feeling; not about how the quality of the beer he makes is.

What freedom!

I love that he’s not a Psychic Medium because it’s my passion, I’m the expert. In our home, I take the lead in dealing with all Spiritual matters.

After a long day at work for both of us, we get to come home as partners and friends. 

I listen to his stories about beer production, and he listens to my stories about my Intuitive work, & we just hold the space for each others stories We’re not invested in the process or understanding of each other ’s profession.

Here’s a statistic:

%90 of the Intuitive’s I know are married to Engineers.


She’s open-hearted, creative, emotional, lives in multi-dimension – and he’s linear, black and white. Everything is logical.


It’s a perfect yin/yang. It’s balance.

He does things I couldn’t do, and I do things he can’t do.

I’ll tell a quick story to illustrate it:

My daughter is just like her daddy, and my son is just like me.

If someone is hurt, my son and I make sure you’re okay emotionally, but if you show blood, he and I are out of there. My husband and daughter will be there to patch you back together. If you start to cry, they are out of there and my son and I will pick you back up. Yin/Yang

We’ve all seen what happens when two Artists partner up; nothing gets done in the physical realm. Both Artists live in the Spiritual/Creative realm and no-one wants to pay the bills. ha!

I’m being silly here, but this article is about embracing each other’s differences.

My client, the one who opened this discussion, is an energy healer. I’m happy to report that after I shared the information with her, that I just shared with you – she and her lawyer boyfriend are now married. 

He still doesn’t get what she does, but he respects it. And she no longer needs him to understand; she needs him to love her and be her partner in life – and that he can do with no confusion & lots of understanding.

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