Be Guided and Be Great®


With ~ Kate Saint Clair

I have a surprise for you.

Are You Ready?

I want to personally invite you to join my premier Membership site;

Be Guided and Be Great®


~ with me, Kate Saint Clair

I had you in mind while developing this simple, but a life-changing experience.

As a fellow Intuitive, I know you have questions:

  • How does my personal Intuition work

  • How do I access Guidance and Intuition

  • How do I have boundaries while working with others

  • How do I embrace being a sensitive when it can be so hard

  • How do I get in the game and become a professional Intuitive

  • How do I help my sensitive family and friends

  • How do I support my Intuitive child

  • How do I understand the difference between Guidance and my own thoughts

  • Am I really Psychic

  • I’m not a Medium, am I?

In the field of Intuition, the questions are endless.

In the field of Intuition, the questions are endless.

This program is focused on answering your questions about how Intuition works in your life.

My passion is to help you understand how Intuition works in your day to day life whether you know you’re psychic or not.

Getting together with other Intuitive's was a game changer for me. For the first time in my life I could be part of a dialogue you can’t get anywhere else.

Talking about Intuition stirred my Soul and ignited a passion in my life like nothing I had experienced before.

I know how hard it is to find normal, grounded, available Psychic’s to answer basic questions about how Intuition works.

People want to make it complex and keep all the secrets to themselves.

Not this Membership.

I cut through all the b.s. and answer your questions with clarity and precision.

There’s nothing elitist or rare about being Intuitive. Literally, everyone is born with it. We are just not taught how to understand and access it.

It’s that simple


Join me twice monthly for a 1-hour conference call where I answer you and other Intuitive’s questions about Intuition.

I’m not giving Psychic readings, but rather something even more precious;

I’m answering your questions about HOW Intuition works in your own personal life.

When I finally found a mentor I could trust, I found myself saying:

“I do what? Explain me to myself?”

She simply explained which of my Clair’s I was using thus giving me access to my Intuition.

That’s what I want to give to you, clarity.

You’ll learn a lot about how your Intuition works, and you’ll learn a ton when hearing other sensitive people ask questions about their Guidance System.

It’s profound.

Hearing other people’s stories makes you realize how normal Intuition is and how amazing it is to have it.


Let's do this together.

When you sign up for membership you’ll receive:

$49 a month


Twice monthly 1-Hour Call

1-on-1 conference call with me. Value-$1,000


%25 Discount

Discount on private 1-Hour Coaching sessions with me. Value - $250


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