10 Reasons it’s awesome to have a Psychic Child

November 29, 2018
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Do you watch Dead Files on the Travel Channel?

Psychic Medium Amy Allen is incredible on that show – incredible.

I resisted watching it for a long time; mistaken that it focused on dark things.

Amy’s ability to explain the energy, often in dark places, brings clarity, and clarity is light.

I still catch my breath when I see there’s a Psychic child in the home being targeted by the Spirit or energy.

I think of my own scary, confusing childhood.

I think of the hundreds of clients that come to me, torn up and confused from a lifetime of not understanding what was happening to them.

After an “Ask A Medium” event in 2009, a 11-year old named Christian approached me after the show.

Sometimes I feel a presence when I’m home alone after school,” Christian.

Though he was brave I felt his terror. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t prove it to his parents that didn’t feel it the way he did.

Yes, it’s a male. He’s harmless but he doesn’t belong there. Ask the Angels to help get him out of the house,” I said.

Christian eyes welled with tears. I was able to validate him. He longed for someone to believe him.

Years of relief fell from his shoulders knowing it wasn’t dangerous and he had the right to make the Ghost leave.

I totally understood.

When Amy tells the parents on the Dead Files that the child is Psychic, they begin to cry. They’re not happy, they’re scared shitless.

I had the exact same feelings.

I suffered a lifetime from my Intuition. Nothing I said or did in my home was validated or supported. The family called me “big mouth” if I channeled something I shouldn’t have.

They lived to prove how wrong I was rather than validate my predictions. I learned young to keep my mouth shut and keep everything to myself, though sometimes it would just come out.

Silently, I was terrorized by black cougars swarming my bed and the hallways at 4 years old. I told no one about the people I saw at night in our home or that my deceased grandpa sat at my grandmother’s kitchen table while the family ate together.

A lifetime of silent suffering motivated me to seek help.

I tried to find help when I moved from Montana to New York City. From New York City to Seattle; to Oregon and back to Montana; then from there to New England with no avail in my search for understanding.

We moved to Colorado from New England in 2007. One day I took our 2-year-old daughter to City Park.

As we walked the trail next to the lake, a strange man came towards us.

Suddenly I heard a clear voice in my mind say;

Pick her up and walk over there towards people. He is going to follow you.”

I scooped her up, crossed the grass and made it to a large group of people. Sure enough, he was now following us.

Heart pounding & hands shaking; I looked at my little girl and realized she hadn’t taken her eyes off him for a second.

I knew she received the same Guidance I had.

I cried as I carried her to the truck realizing she was Psychic too. At the time, I had no idea how to explain any of it to her.

This forced me to figure it out. Which is what I did.

Since that day it’s been my mission not only to understand how Intuition works but to teach you what to do with it so you can receive the clear Guidance that’s available to all of us.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is experienced through your Clair’s:

  • Clairvoyance – clear seeing
  • Clairaudience – clear hearing
  • Clair-sentience – clear feeling
  • Clair-cognizance – clear knowing

6 Truths about Intuition:

  1. Everyone is born Intuitive – all Beings are Guided. It’s not your guts, it’s your Intuition.
  2. It’s the language of the unseen world: our Spirit, our Soul, our Guides, Angels and heaven – it’s how you receive messages from your loved ones that’ve crossed over back into the unseen.
  3. Everything comes from the unseen before it is real. For example – the lamp on my desk was in the artists mind before it was a lamp on the desk.
  4. Only good comes from our Intuition. Our Intuition tells us whether that thing in the corner is a ghost or an Angel. It’s what makes us feel our decisions are correct. Or if we’re doing things we shouldn’t be. It tells us whether we should continue a relationship or if it’s time to end it.
  5. The more natural Intuition someone has, the easier it is to get Guidance. Some people are born more Intuitively like any other natural skill such as piano or sports. Intuitive’s must practice to refine and strengthen their gift, but it comes easier to those born with the natural ability.
  6. You live a more authentic life because of your Intuition. Whether you know it or not, you’re constantly being Guided. People that get the Guidance and protect the direction of the Guidance are more successful and happier because they get the results they want in life. They are on the right path.

When my son was three I moved his bedroom from the blue room, to the green room across the hall.

Though I’d seen the spirit of a lady in that room, I assumed she was more of a hologram then a Spirit.

His first night in the room I tucked him in, gave kisses and said night-night.

Ten minutes later he toddled down the stairs and said, “I can’t sleep. That lady won’t stop talking to me.”

I ran up the stars angry and horrified that:

  1. I didn’t get her out of the room before I put him in there
  2. She was messing with my son
  3. My 3 year old not only saw her, he heard her

At the time I had to call a more skilled friend to remove her as she wouldn’t leave the house from my commands alone.

The critical message here was that my son & daughter have a mommy that understands these things. They inspired me to not-rest until I figured out how it worked.

Thankfully my husband’s Intuition is pretty mild. He doesn’t see things, he doesn’t hear spirits and ghosts and that’s awesome.

I help with their Intuition and Spiritual life, he helps them with math and science.

It’s wonderful.

If your child shows signs of being Psychic you need to pay attention. It’s not only going to be okay, it’s going to be great. 

10 Reasons it’s awesome to have a Psychic Child

  1. They help you have a safe home. They know when something is in the house that shouldn’t be.
  2. They understand things without a lot of wordsThey naturally know who to trust and who to stay away from
  3. If they are a Medium they can give you messages from loved ones that passed away
  4. They are more caring and empathetic because they can ‘read’ the situation
  5. They know when you’re telling the truth. If you’re an honest parent they trust you with their whole heart
  6. They don’t have to do a lot of physical things to know what they’re interested in
  7. They are good leaders and know right from wrong
  8. Care about who’s in their space, their aura
  9. Have higher standards as the energy must be good for them to feel safe and happy

How do you know your kid is Psychic?

They say weird things.

Funny – right!

They say they see:

  • Things out of the corner of their eye
  • A weird dark figure in the closet/bed/corner
  • A dead relative
  • Sparkles on the wall

or hear:

  • voices
  • imaginary friend said…
  • laughter
  • directions to turn here or stay away from…

or feel:

  • angry for no reason
  • sadness of others
  • panicky
  • heavy

or they know stuff no one told them.

8 best things to do for you Psychic kid:

  1. listen to them without correction or judgement
  2. learn more yourself about how Intuition works
  3. ask thoughtful questions about what they are seeing/experiencing
  4. find a kind counselor that either understands Intuition or doesn’t discount it
  5. respect their need for boundaries
  6. buy a 10 minute meditation cd for them to listen to daily
  7. have them journal what they think and what they feel so they don’t have to bottle it up inside
  8. find an amazing, qualified Psychic Medium to begin mentorship so they understand how they receive information

Intuition is not going away. In fact, when we block it or deny it, we shut ourselves down which has crippling consequences.

You can’t look away from a Spirit or from energy and assume it’s gone because you closed your eyes.

We must learn how to deal with what is happening right here, right now.

Only then can we make the right decision for what is truly going on.

You’re not alone, and your beautiful Sensitive child isn’t either.

We’re in this together.

Below is the link to the: Be Guided and Be Great Podcast ~ episode 3